Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ATZ-FFO :Next Scenario preparation and my son's first elves

Some goodness done this week. I finished the materials I needed for my incoming scenario for ATZ-FFO and it will be the Americans.

 Cards for specific searching event and cards to build up an underground facility with all the necessary randomness ATZ-FFO requires!

And as a bonus, my son's first elves painted.
They are all of different colors! I am so proud


  1. Looking forward to the ATZ-FFO report.

    As for the elves, well - your son has to start somewhere. I'm sure I wasn't painting anything like this at his age!

  2. Me too, I am looking for that scenario for a month or so. I am still wondering if they would succeed it or not. I looked around for a Piper L-4 in 1:48 but not to avail.
    Likely this week for the scenario. I'll need to squeeze work time

  3. Good stuff. I like the fact that you let your son have at it. I should really loosen up and let my son have a crack at a few. He's 7 and a half.

    1. I have tons of miniatures and some I will never paint, so better letting him try his hand on them.
      And I think wargames (including painting and modeling) are a better entertainment than video games and the like.