Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am being followed

"Somebody is following me"
 First of all, thanks to Sean to promote me on his blog. He has a great content and an interesting project with 1:72 plastic models, which I like a lot.

So, welcome to the followers and thank you all for coming and reading. I never thank people and I know this was impolite.
The list, in no particular order:
  • Sean
  • Colgar6
  • Langming Chung
  • wargamer
  • styx
  • spprojectblog
  • James Brewerton
  • Gary Amos
  • Edwin King
  • laughingferret
  • john
  • Andrew Saunders
  • scotty
  • Tim
  • Chris Stoesen Francis Lee
  • Warlord Paul
 Next week, I am planning the Scenario 8 of ATZ, while waiting for my next batch of kickstarters to come. The long awaited Sedition Wars phase2 (here), Zombicide Season 2 phase 1 (here) (incredibly on time!).
Next would be Achtung Chtuluh (here), and Heroes of Normandy (here)

I also lately pledged for Incursion (here) (loved the game and a good opportunity to jump in). The latest content is incredibly good value for money even if it requires a Kickstarter PhD to understand clearly what's available.
And I also pledged for a small guy company trying to develop nice tiles, Living Dungeon (here)

Next projects are:
  • Continuing my Secret of the Third Reich US/Free French force - 3 Light Mech and 6 A.P.E. to do. Infantrywise, about 20, but I'll likely commission it.
  • Completing my Fallout-themed guys. For my Sci-Fi inspired game, I will finally get to Fallout. Known world and easy to set.
  • Painting more ATZ-FFO '44. I have 50-60 miniatures left. 
  • Maybe get into Bolt Action because the only HK FLG is promoting it and I have troops for it. (and a good excuse to buy that fancy Die Cast Hetzer at the Tamiya shop, or the Puma, or the Pz IV,... ARG!)
Thank you for reading


  1. So, might we see tanks or A.P.E. suits appearing in your ATZ campaign :-) ?

    1. I think there are room for them. I hesitated for tanks as it would be almost too easy. But maybe, against something more than zombies...
      that reminds me, we still haven't seen the Nemesis project of Von Evil.

  2. Thanks for the shout out cedric. Looks like some good kickstarters. I have held back because I think my wife would kill me if I started flooding the house with more big box games and 28mm stuff. Look forward to some Wierd War additions and Fallout sounds great.

    1. The wife and things usually strike me after I paid for them. I did say on January 1st: no more. But then, my addiction is too much