Thursday, August 22, 2013

My personal take on "10 Questions for Gamers, Hobbyists & Likewise Interested Folks: This One Goes to 11"

Let me take the challenge posted by David on the Laughing Ferret

1. Dinosaurs or Dragons?
Somebody called me? (personal artwork)
Dragon. I take the Tolkien view of the Dragon, evil monster spreading darkness wherever they go. They are formidable enemies and more than a fair match for any would-be heroes.
Dinosaur are just animals, and therefore are not evil or good. 

2.  In an RPG would you rather be a Player or DM?

DM on the universe I like, and Player on new one, as long as the game allows room for non-stereotypical characters. Nothing is more boring than having a detailed universe and to stick to the standard Warrior/Priest/Rogue types because your character never play, use or match his background and the only usable skills are Range Attack and Melee.

You can impersonate who you want, but you shall never, never look alike Chuck Norris
3. You have a Time Machine: you can only take a trip to the future or the past. Return or not is your choice.  Which direction & how far?

I'll go back 1300 years before, to see the Dark Ages and see with my own eyes if our limited knowledge of this time was right or not. And come back :)

At these, give me the club#9 for a birdie meant something different
4. Favorite Online Comic
Giant in the playground games.
"No Encounters Today"

5. Of these Empires which do you feel is the BEST Empire and the WORST Empire?
Roman, Mongol, Spanish, Russian, British, American.
How you define Best and Worst is up to you. 
If you're feeling up to it, rank them from best to worst 1-6.

The Roman Empire was the best. It lasted a thousand years and left a huge legacy, even today (Ever wondered who decided the width of the road?)
The worst was the Mongol Empire. It lasted 2 generations at most and exploded after the death of his founder. How great is that? It's easy to conquer, it's more difficult to occupy.
Somebody behind me to stab me to death? Come on, I've known that joke for year.
6. Who wins the fight?  Roman Gladiator or Samurai ?
Samourai. He does not care of his own death, whereas the Gladiator fights for entertainment.

Please, 2 out of three.

7. Who wins the fight?  Darth Vader or Witch King?

The Witch King. He has no asthma so he shall win in the long run. Plus, he is already dead.

Can you get into that Corellian Corvette now? You know, it means a lot for the stormtroopers

8. Who wins the dogfight?   Starbuck in Colonial Vyper or Luke Skywalker in X-Wing?
Luke, as long as people don't whisper everytime he wants to do something. Obiwan Kenobi was the first Smartphone with annoying ring or the first Whatsapp application.
Luke, your zipper, you forgot your zipper

9. Who wins the battle of wits? Tyrion Lannister or Wesley?
Tyrion. Because he's a good badass guy.

...You've just talked? Sorry, how do we say "I don't give a sh.t in your language" ?

10. Money & Time no object, what movie or novel would you like to have the armies and terrain in miniature to recreate and expand on, and in what scale?
Too many in my mind. But I think I will go for Tolkien, First Age period.15mm because I like to see the end of the gaming table without binoculars.
First Age was when High Elves just scared balrogs by looking at them and dragons had to get out in group in case they meet good guys. 
Glorfindel, just as an example of badass Elf of the First Age. Thing about an army of them....

Me, Glorfindel, Prince -not even king- of the Noldor, I take the boss of the Balrogs (aka boss of Sauron too) anytime, anywhere.
11. Human Beings die off. What species rises to take our place, becoming the next sentient species with a global civilization?
The ants. They will build cities over the planet, kill many species, wage wars between themselves for supremacy, have internal revolution and pollute with their mushroom caves. That's how we identify great species.
Here about an abandoned ant megalopolis in Brazil.


  1. Nice dragon! Also, an interesting set of answers. Not sure I'd wish to visit the Dark Ages myself, though.

  2. The artwork is from my student days. Good old days with plenty of time.
    I shall see what would be your take on time travel.

  3. Very fun answers, love that Vader picture :)

    1. Glad you liked it. Great quizz you've set up.

  4. Good pictures and answers. What I want to know is can Chuck Norris sing as good as Owe Thornqvist?

    1. silly question. Chuck teached Owe how to sing and Owe decided to go through plastic surgery to match music to appearance.