Monday, September 2, 2013

August wrap-up

August was eventful, thanks to readers.

I increased the number of followers and now, I stand at 19.

I kickstarted Incursion and it was successful. I supported at Bucket of Blood level, and that will give a lot of miniatures that I can use for Secret of the Third Reich.

I also fell into a trap last week, I followed a Bolt Action game and ended up with the Rule Book and the Great Britain Codex. I also went on the warlord website and pre-ordered the incoming France and Allies because there are Partisan rules. And I have a lot of partisans to play.

On top of it I painted more than expected even if the photos have not been up and plan to complete a lot more this month.
I am getting excited about the next scenarios of ATZ-FFO, having worked on the stories, and, as it seems to happy more often than not, lost some miniatures in one of my stash, hidden from the dear-one who may be upset if she realized the quantity of non-edible stuff I acquired this year....
More on that later!

Thanks for reading.


  1. It's good to be busy! Mind you, that does sound like a lot for just 1 month :-) .

    1. Well, it was a good month, after an empty July. Hopefully, I can keep up and do as much for September, if my job allows.

  2. Sounds good. I don't bug my wife about shoe shopping and she only makes snide remarks about my toys but doesn't pry into the cost.

    1. That works only until space is filled up, and space in Hong Kong is not a lot.