Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ATZ-FFO : Building up the village

Few updates on the village houses that will be used for the Game 2 (and likely Game 3).

Those are Dave Graffam houses, made from paper and a special trick to fold them when not in use. As Hong Kong is a place where the square feet is the most expensive on Earth, any small space saved is a relief for the family.

Houses of the village
All the houses folded into one stack
 As I moved forward in the cutting and gluing, I finally found a better way to have 1. a sturdy roof and 2. a foldable one.
Again, I had rushed 1 house before my brain functioned as it should be and I have one fixed roof and 5 foldable

Next one is a bigger house, more a manor. Greenish and gloomy, it is dedicated to the German force and maybe any bad guy lair.
It has 2 entrances, a hall, a main 1-storey building and a 2-storey tower, all with an attic for a sniper?
All windows are barred, which will be handy when the zombie apocalypse break havoc in the community.
Bad guys house

Bad guys house folded!

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