Monday, February 4, 2013

New partisans

Taking another blow at my New Year Resolution of not buying new miniatures, I bought a set of Warlord partisans before the price hike, price hike that was not going to affect the miniatures I bought anyhow - but a very good excuse for buying them.

That's about 20 more miniatures to add to the many more purchased last minute in December 2012 . This will be a very nice addition to my stock of miniatures for ATZ-FFO and Secret of the Third Reich, with 88 miniatures and 17 already painted.

This is achieving a crazy 2 weeks...

First, I received my Kickstarter Battle for Alabaster, great minis and the rules look very good from the theory. That's a lot of miniatures I need to add to my current total. No need to be too hasty, I have good figures so far.
Secondly, I was working from home for some crazy reasons and used up the commuting time saved to paint and painted a lot! That range from my Urban War Junkers/Gladiator (as Henchmen Proxy to W40k) to K-9 unit of Mongoose Starship troopers.The main aim is Warhammer 40k, which allows me to play with one of my best friend at the (unique!) FLG in Hong Kong. He's playing Orks and Tyranids, and I like the very irregular idea of Henchmen for Inquisitors.

Finally, I am disappointed with FRPGames, as it took them more than a month to process a purchase done at their crazy end of the world sale in late December. As the key purchase (more Junkers!) went out of stock in between and I kept on being ping ponged with "will be processed by week-end, promised!", i decided to cancel the order. Now, I'll see if they actually cancel it or not. That is a very bad customer management and I was very supportive of their website until now. I think I will look twice before clicking a new order.

The miniatures I bought in Warlord. 3 are missing, 3 are in double. But it was sent and received less than a week after purchase. I will still rank Warlord as a good supplier.

Received in double

Missing miniature

Received in double

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