Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year resolutions

Happy New Year to everybody. A late call, but better later than never.

So, with the New Year went some resolutions. First of all, buy all I can do before end of 2012 and try to stop buying in 2013. 
Already busted that call with 5 Grey Knight Terminators at the local store...

Other resolutions are:
  • Limiting myself to 4 game system (SOTR/BE, Necromunda/Inquimunda, HOTT, one game of corridor gaming like Space Hulk/Run 'n Steel/Battle for Alabaster)
  •  Paint as many miniature as possible. The goal is to reach 60% painted
  • Get 1 ATZ scenario per month, or 12 this year.

I am working on my second scenario for ATZ, with more details on it later, when I have found the right thing to do. My first scenario complicated the whole plot with the hero twisting his ankle badly.

I have also decided to give a go to small scale Warhammer 40k after I left it after the 2nd edition. I looked at all the army and decided to play Inquisition (where the Grey Knight Terminators will fit) and fluff it a little bit with an Inquisitor named Corteaz that allows irregular stuff.

And there it is, the start of an infantry based henchmen of the Pax Inquisitoria Legio
the first 7 henchmen. I need to explain what is the guy on the left

What to do with these guys? No idea, but they are real fun!

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