Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Minis for ATZ-FFO


A quick update on new minis to be used during my ATZ-FFO games or even Secret of the Third Reich.

They are a commission from Dragon Paint ( These are 33 mini, with a mix of Germans (to be used as Gangers, German soldiers deserting the army as the world fall into the Zombie Apocalypse), American Airborne, wounded British Para, and civilians.

I like the work done on the civilians because it gives really a feeling of part civilians without any military background and the amateurish resistant and the warrior like commandos.

I plan to use these troops also during my SOTR games as partisans for the French forces.

German gangers, Artizan miniatures

German gangers. Artizan miniatures
German gangers (cont'd). Artizan miniatures
German gangers #1 (cont'd) back. Artizan miniatures  

SAS / Commandos. Artisan miniatures
SAS / Commandos back. Artisan miniatures

Civilian. Artisan miniatures / other brand (I forgot the brand)
French partisans. Artizan miniatures
French partisans. Artizan miniatures

French partisans #2. Artizan miniatures

French partisans #2. Artizan miniatures
US Airborne. Warlord miniatures

US Airborne. Good looking for Survivors/Gangers. Warlord miniatures

British Characters. Artizan miniatures

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