Thursday, January 26, 2017

January summary what a month

The hobby was strong, 

I had feared January would be a no-hobby month, but it ended up as a good month, with output I feel proud of as I optimized the little time available

I finished all the tiles of the dungeon kickstarters - Finally!

Hospital type tiles
For the above tiles, I painted white, then used dark wash to paint some tiles and make letters and then painted white again. The result pleased me, the letters were still visible but not too much. I added blood stains to

When I received my mantic pledge, I felt the troopers to be a little small. 
cutting, gluing, ordering. Yes, seems a kickstarter's just arrived.
I took some of the fantasy warriors I have in my WIP box and I was wrong. They are of similar scale.

Comparing Mantic GCPS size compared to 28mm fantasy
What about gaming you'd say?
That's the black spot. I've started RPGing with a target of twice a month, and been busy for an internal sales kickoff that took a lot of time before and during. Now, it's gone and Chinese New Year is around the corner.
Well, gaming would be a February thing then!

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  1. Les triads UrbanWar et toi êtes à l'honneur Au bord du fleuve ;)
    Merci encore