Monday, January 9, 2017

First 2017 fantasy miniatures painted

Reinforcement has arrived

New Year, great painting mojo.
So I finally sat down, watching House of Cards and paint at the same time. The first victims to the paintbrush were fantasy miniatures to finish some of the teams fighting in Montiberg.

I finally finished the Blue Chief, opening rooms for him to appear. A long overdue.

Blue Chief
A priest / magic adept

And tons of henchmen.
The Raven Company

Second from the left, leader of the Raven Company, Captain Crow. Captain Crow carries a long sword and like giving orders.

 4 henchmen. (left to right) First one is a tough soldier, veteran of many campaigns. He carries a dreadful spear and a mighty armor. Next is a barbarian who enjoyed modern armor. He carries a warhammer. Further right is a skilled two-hand sword fighter. A tricky weapon to use. Finally a regular mercenary from the Raven Company.

 The Black Shield company is a company of war veterans. Well equipped and organized, depending which side you are they are dangerous foes and great allies.

That's 22x3 = 66 MARIUS :-)