Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 planning: What is a Marius - Quantifying painted models

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This year, I have decided to get stuff painted. Surely I did paint stuff last year, but I kind of lost track toward year end with excuses like: Too busy, too tired, can't find the miniatures.

I will use scientific method to quantify the amount of stuff painted, acquired or given away.

Introducing the MARIUS.

What does it mean: Multiple APO Revolutionary Interregolistic Unit for Splashing Paint

In plain English: it is a measure unit of a model.
for instance:
1 MARIUS = 1x 15mm infantry

The equivalence with other scale and model type is:
15 mm infantry: 1 MARIUS
15mm infantry: 1 MARIUS
20mm infantry: 2 MARIUS
28mm infantry: 3 MARIUS
20mm horse:    2 MARIUS
28mm horse:    3 MARIUS

Combining: 1x 28mm cavalry is:
    3+3= 6 MARIUS

28mm Vehicle: 15 MARIUS (no official MARIUS value, I have arbitrarily set the value)
20mm Vehicle: 10 MARIUS (no official MARIUS value, I have arbitrarily set the value)


APO (Self HighJacking)

In French, Auto Prise en Otage. The idea is originated from hobbyist Gregory Privat and logo from DragonTigre.
APO aims to transform hobby blog from virtual display to a self motivator with a timeline.
APO announced
Successful APO
Missed APO

How does it work.

To set an APO, I just need to announce in an article: WHAT I will paint, WHEN I start and WHEN I will finish, and success criteria (vernished, use of 3 colors+, based, ...).
APO may have milestone to show progress and estimate if APO will be successful... or not.
On the DDay, the APOlogist show the status, with photo at the starting date and photo at finish.

So my objective for 2017:
Buying no more than 50 MARIUS
Painting 300 MARIUS (or 100 28mm miniatures)


  1. Hé bien tous mes meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année 2017 et bon courage pour ton APO XD



  2. Interesting notion. I'm not sure that I agree entirely with it [for example, the *complexity* of a figure affects the effort to paint a model more than the *size*, I think. A 28mm horse or near-naked skirmisher is a lot easier & quicker than a 28mm samurai or Persian who wears a lot of decorated clothes]. However, I can't see how you could factor something so subjective as "complexity" into any equation.

    1. The Marius is not an exact science :) On the other side, I am against complexity (no latest GW work please, too many skulls and spikes there).