Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Plans for 2015

So, how did 2014 go?
The 2014 panzer is gone and the 2015 truck is passing

Well, not too bad, but not as good as expected. Less battle reports, my RRtK campaign frozen and some battle not written yet.

Expanding my reach

Audience wise, I have to thank Sean who gave me damn good advices how to share my reports to more people.

That were I am the happiest. I had a good production, not Golden Demon or award level, but decent quality with new twists. There was a load of survivors for my WWW2 campaign, zombies and bolt action.
I also participated to Zombober that gave me a good kick to paint my zombicide.
Battle For Alabaster - Bad guys painted
THW games were the most popular system I have played in 2014, namely ATZ-FFO and RRtk, followed by Bolt Action. I have played 1 SOTR game and 3 games of Kings of War (KoW). We pledged to its last kickstarter with a friend and we had to try army combination before buying new extra stuff.

I have adopted a new format for my battles in RRtK

I have also play few small games with my son and my daughter recently, a paper Xwing game and a playmobile "Knights and Dragon".
Fighting dragons for few gems
Star Wars space fighter game (*unlicensed*)
2015 Plans
In 2015, I will try to avoid buying too much stuff. I think I will add more fantasy ranges than anything else, first to build my Kings of War army, secondly to try to get my son into it.
I am supposed to receive 2 kickstarters (3 if I include KoW): Incursion kickstarter and Stone Dungeon Tiles.

  • Continue my Reich of the Thousand Deads campaign, 
  • Play some Bolt Action, 
  • Start (maybe this year it will happen) my Fallout campaign, 
  • Play Kings of War,
  • Design a Star Wars game for my kids (they are deeply into Star Wars!)
  • Play a Man o'war campaign with "For a bottle of Rum" campaign rules.
  • Play Incursion
  • Paint at least an army of fantasy
  • Paint at least an army of Urban War
  • Finish all my www2 miniatures
  • Paint 2 fleets of Man o'War
dwarf fleet #1, the Rebel fleet

dwarf fleet #2

Imperial Great Ship, galleria and wolfship


  1. Very, very neat models and a some nice progression. Keep it going mate.

    1. Thanks. I plan to do more mass painting (army in one go instead of piece by piece.

  2. Good plans. Will be following the man o war project with gleamy eyes. Was my favourite game as a young teen.

    1. Man o'war is my first real game and I have still very fond memory of it. I have started my Bretonnian fleet, dwarves and Imperial are next. Finding proxies were the most difficult. The actual MoW ships are outrageously expensive.

  3. What a wonderfully diverse and exciting set of plans for the year - I'll watch with interest!

    1. Thanks. My biggest challenge will be to find time.

  4. Good luck with your projects. It is fun my Fallout post-apo project is very late too. The idea of Man o'war with Bottle of rum campaign is a great idea (have to think about it myself someday).

    1. I have always be a big fan of Man o' War. Bottle of Rum has nice rules for playing the campaign mode. More on that later :)