Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Reich of the Thousand Deads:S2-E7: Überlebende (AAR)

 Played with ATZ and Nuts/Nuts WWE for the latest part and Panzerfaust shooting.
 Driver test were bad. passed 0d6, I assumed he hit the tiger, then driver test to avoid the truck (passed 0d6) then end up in a pile of boxes. All passengers were stunned
 The truck had the same fate but managed to avoid being wrecked at the end. No passenger stunned.

Rule: One panzerfaust has an area of 3" and hit 2 times, with a 1,2 being an instant kill.
 Results of the first clearing of zombies, 2 deads and 1 bitten (test at the end of the game)
 3 survivors entered the wrecked panzer IV and standard ATZ building test. It resulted in 5 zombies. The humans had a -1 dice for close encounter (can't use their 2 hand weapons). Result: 1 dead
 Random event: dog followed by 8 zombies. 1 kid was bitten.
 2 PEF resolutions ended in 2 survivors and 10 zombies. During the fight a random event happened: The closest zombie revealed itself as Mallory who had escaped SWD. Hurrah!
 Turn 20, there was a special rule that Von Evil would send his latest toys (Area d6 for arrival)

 Random event: twisted ankle, while the walker activated and not the survivors. Most of them failed their panic test (most have passed 1d6) and they try to hide.
 Mallory took a panzerfaust from a hunkered down survivor and motivate another one. 2 shots. 1 miss (0d6) and Mallory hit without effect the right arm (NUTS WWE Walker tables).
 Finally, 1 shot to the Chimera Two blew up the leg, the walker failed the test to keep standing and the pilot died when it fell. 
The other chimera melee Francis and failed. Francis ducked back 6" (Nuts WWE melee with infantry test). the last 2 survivors with panzerfausts shot. 1 missed (pass 0d6) while the kid hit the body with 2d6, killing the pilot instantly.
2 of the bitten survivors didn't make it. They had in total 5 loss, 2 vehicles destroyed. They recovered Mallory and 2 survivors.
They stocked up 15 units of Fuel, 10 Food and 3 panzerfaust. The scenario ended with very little zombie generated.

The overall map:


  1. Nice return to the thick of the action.
    Cool batrep dude!
    Bring on Freedom Highway!

    1. If motivation is still there, Freedom Highway should be coming soon.
      I plan the grand finale of the Reich of the Thousand Dead by December.
      Any ideas are welcome :)

  2. A great story - it has everything: alternate history, weird war machines, zombies, and Clint Eastwood! Your dialogue is also quite funny, I like the jokes. Well done. I hope the good guys make it to Freedom Hghway.

    1. Glad you liked it!
      Well, it's all about whether the good guys survive and the bad ones die.
      I try to avoid being too overboard with the weird elements.

  3. You do write/draw/create some of the best AARs on the web.

    1. Thanks a lot! I do my best and I am happy it entertains as much as I enjoyed the games.

  4. Yay! Mallory is back!

    Moral of the story seems to be: "don't ram a barricade with a small Volkswagen car"!

    1. Good summary of what to do and not to do.
      Optionally there is also: never forget your panzerfaust.