Sunday, November 9, 2014

November: Painting front progress

I am putting a small update.
I am undergoing few mass painting projects:
- Ongoing. forty something German Elite forces (the one that can't be named in Germany) for Bolt Action
- Completed.Three US mecha for Secret of the Third Reich that I had in stock for a long time
- Completed. Weird World War 2 survivors. I have British survivors left but no real mood to finish them. Shelved for now.
- Ongoing. Battle for Alabaster beasties and zombies. I need few additonal strokes to complete them.

Jean-Jacques and Jacques. They were petty criminals during the zombie outbreak. Jacques was accountant for the Mafia and Jean-Jacques a thug.When Hell broke out, Jacques convinced Jean-Jacques to flee the city. Since then, they fight and survive, bit always trying to chose the winning side.

I start to work on my new campaign for 2015 that will replace The Reich of Thousand Deads, in apocalyptic settings.


  1. Replies
    1. They have a goofy look and they are easy to build. I realized the photo of 2 of them is blurred.

  2. Painted a couple of them Mecha Suits up myself a few years ago. Great models and that's a good Allied green you got on them. Nicely done.

    1. GW green, I can't remember which one :) I am happy of the result, and I will need to play them soon.