Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zomtober 2014: Milestone 2

New week-end and new Zomtober.
Survivor Week
This week, I focused on the survivors. They are all very characterful and I decided to create a small backstory for most of them.

They are a blend of Artizan design and Bolt Action (Last Levy).

The girl partisan and a mustached partisan (incl. Product placement)
When the zombie outbreak happened, Brigitte was about to get married. Much happened and she had to kill most of her family and the in-laws as they tried to feed on her. She's armed with a MP40.
The mustached partisan hasn't much character. He'll be a standard anonymous soldier.

My favorites: the sport's guys. The Golfer and the Cricketer
 Mc Callum was in Normandy when the Z virus was released upon the battlefield. He fought and used much of any weapon he had available until he had to use his clubs. Thanks to his golf skills, he was able to hit home more than once and since then roam around to kill as many zombies and SWD troopers as possible.
Dolf was a member of the German Cricket team, built in the 1930 to win over the British own games. His bat went handy when the zombie poured in Germany and the SWD left the civilian fend for themselves.

The kiddos
few kids have survived the apocalypse. For once the training of the H. Youth played in their favor and these 2 kids were able to fight the zombies. They are brothers and orphans. They can count only on themselves.

Boom and Ka-Boom
 These 2 partisans are former French captured in 1940 while blowing up bridges before the Wehrmacht and sent as volonteered prisoners of war in a farm in Germany. When it happened, they took food and broke free. Their skill in blowing up bridges came handy for the German survivors as a good blown up bridge can delay zombies trying to cross European rivers.

The Teacher and the Commander
Olaf was a teacher before and during the war. Sure of himself, he can't touch a weapon and kill things. He's a vegetarian too. Fortunatelly for him, he has knowledge which survivors want to protect.
The commander is always telling people what to do, but they really do not care what he says. 

The hoarder and another anonymous
 The hoarder was a reserve soldier in Germany. He spent most of his civilian life as a scrapper. When the zombie outbreak happened, he reached the main military base to find it deserted. He took all the shiny things he could find and decided to live a life of king and keep for himself all the best things: cigarettes, alcohol, fine food

The guys who find the old ways
 Rickard was much under the control of his wife all his life. She told him what to do, what to think, what to like. When she died devored by zombies, he had to live by himself. He could not. He lost his mind and now he took most of her clothes and speak for her.
Albert is an old man who saw the first world war. When the zombies came, he decided to take the country back and stop the SWD from wrecking it more. He believes everything can be brought back to normal, if only youngsters would stop complaining and work on it.

Paulus and Gregen
 Paulus and Gregen are two former factory workers. They banded together to fight the zombies. Paulus is always worry and not sure about the new technology things. He prefers an halberd he found in the castle not far from the factory while Gregen believes that technology will save the world. 

Jorgen and anonymous
Jorgen has a great hobby, he is a pyroman. He loves all things that burn and is keen on burning whatever comes to him. The zombie outbreak is freeing his imagination and as of now, many small towns have burn.


  1. Replies
    1. The "Last Levy" from Warlord was a boon in great miniatures. My painting skills are not giving them the best they deserves, even if I am quite happy.

  2. :)) Very good! Brilliant little stories for the survivors. My favourites are Rickard and Paulus.

    1. Thanks. I found that Rickard cloth are very girlish and his backstory was the first to develop. Paulus is quite fun as he look very undecided.

  3. What a fantastic bunch! That's a lot more figures than I can paint in a week.

    1. I will never win a prize with them, even if I try to paint the best I can :) In total, they were 19 painted, one was forgotten. I have very uneven weeks, and with business trips coming soon, I decided to focus a lot on the painting.

  4. Fine selection of survivors dude!
    Love the guys with the polearms.

    1. I like that schizophrenic guy too. Let's see how he performs in actual games :)
      much like this:

  5. They are GREAT figures, I loved looking at them. Well done.

    1. Thanks. Lets see how they perform in a game

  6. Nicely done. Great backstories to boot.

    1. I plan to use the backstory during the next scenario