Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Reich of the Thousand Deads: Into Enemy's hands (Trailer)

This capture the essence of the scenario
The AAR is coming soon, I will write it in the plane.
But here few pictures to give you an idea of what Lieutenant Mallory is going to do, having been captured by SWD.

He had been captured and brought inconscious in a SWD facility. All other wounded of the commando were with the beginning at least.
They took the two British Templars and they never returned.

How many hours or days have passed?

They came to take the British scientist. She returned after a while. More dead than alive, but she still breath.
Mallory heard foot steps coming his way. 1 man. This is the last opportunity. He has to escape now or he will never make it!

Into Enemy Hands.

Will Mallory escape?
Will he be able to tell the Allied about the latest plans of the SWD?

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  1. Looking forward to see more - consider me hooked!

    I have a soft spot for RTCW as it was the first computer game I played continiously. Good times!

  2. OK, I'm looking forward to hearing this!

    Nice (?!) selection of posters too...