Saturday, June 21, 2014

June: End of Month update and Welcome to followers

Wargaming is a question of scale

Welcome to new visitors.
Grigork: A nice blog where you have really tons of photos about games. And very nice one by the way.
Morikun: He is holding a small temple of heaven in the blogosphere, talking minis and other cool subjects that should be more talked about in temples and churches in my own opinion. Worth a visit, or like, a weekly pilgrimage
Sanguinius:  He is hosting a Manchester Area game blog. He has good tips on how to create your own (otherwise) expensive GW units.
Nobody667: If you like zombie games or great stories, this is the blog to go. Now, he is twisting scenarios and set them in very new places. And he is able to convert a pink Barbie house into a convincing rundown building.

This is the end of the Month and what have I done so far?
Bolt Action standard British FOO?
Look like Press to me
Well, I went to UK and brought back few good stuff to increase my (already) huge Partisan army, Late German Levy in a nutshell. These are going to be very great addition to my current campaign, and with the Dad's Army (warlord again), it will be fantastic!
My Partisan have a die hard leader and his trusted bodyguard
I also increased the number of Artizan models I had with the German Sentries and 2 blisters of partisans. Never too late.

We are also building a big Operation, using Bolt Action, to represent the second day of the Battle of Selow Heights in April 1945. That would be played at the wargame society in early July. Stay tuned if you want to know if Zhukov 2014 will be able to break through the defence and run for Berlin, like in 1945, living a sizeable German force behind him. That force will be too far from Berlin with the supply they had and only few were able to break through the Russian lines, to end up mostly in Berlin during the final battle.

The plan will be to play Bolt Action on 3 tables, 2 using 28mm minis, 1 table using 20mm minis and more tanks/AT guns.

German Army in 20mm
War in 20mm, Airfix resin buildings
I also finished my SOTR APE, that make 10 of them. All in metal. The weirdest part of it, is that with Incursion Kickstarter to come, that will be a very huge APE platoon to come. They are painted as French Foreign Legionnaires, to increase my small French army for SOTR.

Talking about the French, they are reinforced by the great looking Panhard 178, a recce vehicle used by the French Army in 1940. (note the marking are missing on purpose, so I can use it for Bolt Action and SOTR).

Finally, I finished painting my Gurkhas given for my birthday (As you will ask, I am 30, and I have been celebrating my 30th birthdays many years now, so I am becoming an expert in 30th birthday if you need one)

I also painted more minis for my Fallout game. Not being happy with another run on the rules, I decided to move to the mystic "Rogue Trader", the wargame from Games Workshop that started W40k.
I painted more retainer, got a box of Marauder from Mantic (great looking Mutants!) and a Knight that is primarily a Grey Knight Terminator.

I played 2 games of Bolt Action recently, with the Partisan and the German army. Partisan was a win, German a loss, but both games rocked.
Here are some pix of the Partisan game
Partisan overriding a Flak.

Of course, there is also Man o' war that got me recently and that was on another post.


  1. That's a very busy month, I think (although by my reckoning it's not quite the end of the month - another 8 days to go).

    1. June is almost gone, the coming days are going to be difficult game-wise.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    I love the partisans and Germans, that looks to be a fun time! I am impressed at your skillz, very good stuff. WW2 has always had a soft spot in my gaming heart...

    1. Thanks. The German/Partisan game was at the FLG and the German player is really good in painting. WW2 is what drove me back to wargame.

  3. Some lovely toys on display there. You deserve more points than Kimmy Jung Un, because he woks in a larger scale and its obvious from that photo that his generals help him build them.

    1. Yes, quite happy about the results. I now need to find time to play a scenario of the Reich of the Thousand Deads and June will be good.

  4. Thanks for the mention :)
    Don't have time to make as many posts as I'd like as work, the Mrs & 4 kids take up most of my time so the chance to build is a bit limited.
    Same for my cohort suicidebadger.
    We hope to break off our shackles shortly & do a campaign if we can rope another from our gaming group into it - Assault on The Rock !!
    Hopefully get that posted on line .... maybe along ur lines cedric ur narratives are top notch :D

    1. looking forward to reading that campaign. And 4 kids is a lot. I am already struggling with 2 gremlins.