Monday, May 26, 2014

Trip to London (June 2-June 8)

I am sure my wife would do that to prevent me for buying stuff...

I am planned to hit London Heathrow next week and getting excited.
Can anybody advise a shop within reach of London Public Transport for a quick shopping spree (miniatures, models, ...)?

That would be my second time in London (last one was 11 years ago!) and even if it is a business trip, it sounds good time to buy stuff without shipping cost or Hong Kong prices (a box of Dad's Army cost about HK$ 580 at the local store, or around 55 euro)

On the gaming side, I am planning the next episode of the Reich of the Thousand Deads on Saturday, just before taking my flight.
I have also almost finished my APE (Secret of the Third Reich, American Heavy Troopers, Terminator like, that will be 11 of them and French Foreign Legion version), painting more survivors, trimming my Gurkhas (and even found a scenario idea from last episode of Reich of the Thousand Deads).
I have sold 20 US Airborne, so that they can hit a tabletop one day and get painted.
I have also printed the card of Run n' Steel and plan a little game.

So, I am hitting the 60% of my mountain lead painted for the first time ever. 

On the Kickstarter front: 
Mein Furher, your kickstarter has been blew by the RAF here and here...
Battle System (Kickstarter) is coming along (July I believe).
Incursion (Kickstarter, with hundreds of weird troops) is coming around September. That's good, I was expecting a year delay. Bad, I need to find space.
Heroes of Normandy (kickstarter) is coming too. For APAC shipping the company in charge of shipping had cold feet and backed away, giving a 2 month delay to the delivery. But I am also having second thought about the game. Do I really need it? Well, we'll find out when I receive it.

 Gosh. 3 kickstarters at once.
And there is a secret FRP order coming its way with ships to replace OoP Bretonnian (can't find them anymore) for my Man o' War.


  1. Hmm...that's a lot of stuff going on :D

    As for London, you can't go wrong with Dark Sphere IMO. It's a discounted store and located at the London Eye (that Ferris wheel). It's parallel with the wheel, kinda easy to find.

    It's mostly the usual games though, so I'm not sure if that's the kind of shop for you:

    1. Ok never mind about the location, they have moved apparently :D

    2. If the location is still in Lambeth, seems fine. :)

  2. Replies
    1. More work, less fun. Trying to make the best of it.

  3. Hope you enjoy your trip. I would be delighted to be proved wrong on this, but I think you'll have difficulty finding a shop that sells much in the way of miniatures, even in London. Almost all such hobby stuff is only really available mail-order or from trade stands at shows.

    1. sounds as bad as in hk then. Only standard stuff is available with ridiculously high price.

  4. There is also Orc's Nest but that is largely rpgs and rules, some Reaper Bones, a few Copplestone metals. They do have a very good selection of plastic historicals, though, from all the major manufacturers which Dark Sphere didn't last time I was there. Close to Leicester Square underground so easier to get to than Dark Sphere, since they moved..

    Can't think of any other miniatures shops in London.

    1. Seems to be around same time to get there. I believe I will hit both