Monday, June 16, 2014

Old Memories back - Games Workshop Man O' War

Not so long ago I was wandering on FRP and found that some of the Valient range (1/1200 and 1/2000 ships) were going OOP. Like any gamer, this rang a bell of urgency and sign up for the last ships and look at them with sparkle in the eyes when they arrived. My Precious!

Yes, I have to admit, I was and still am, a big big fan of Man o' war or MOW or Manowar. I bought the game back at its release time. The good old times when you buy a White Dwarf, read the reports and looked at the photos. Manowar was appealing because it was cheap and easy to start. In these days, I used mostly the mail and order, these were the days before World Wide Web was available to all. A full game was about 2 hours and no more than 10 ships. That was a bargain. The only issue was that the miniatures were on sale for a very short time.

We resorted with my brothers to use cork sheets and toothpick to build up massive fleet of Imperial, Bretonnian and Dwarves, in addition to the 7 original ships we owned.

We played massive games during Summer and it was fun.

For some years, prices were keeping me out, and the fact that there is a limited quantity of ships on sale, mostly on ebay, mostly expensive.

The new Bretonnian fleet

So I bought new ranges on FRP as count-as and here is what it look like. Scale is totally off, so I think I will have to play without the original and lock them in a safe.

Valient, Games Workshop and Spartan scale comparison
More ships for Imperial fleet


  1. I never got into Man 'o War myself, though I've heard that a number of players lament its demise. Typical for GW, though: produce a popular spin-off game and then abandon it after a couple of years...

    1. I have Necromunda and Man o'war and I can tell these are lovely games.They also have a true campaign mode that make them more exciting to play often enough. MOW and Necromunda had these skirmish flavor that nobody was useless, everybody was needed and the loss of one unit could make the difference between winning and losing.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. As it is getting harder to actually find Man o' war miniatures, proxying is the only way