Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Reich of the Thousand Deads: Von Evil Strikes Back

I love the smell of victory in the morning....
Von Evil was happy, very happy. Last news from Germany were good. They had captured an Allied commando and he received the coordinate of a Gurkha commando that was destroying some of his bases.
He had a trap of his own for them...

Gnah~ was happy too. Well, Gnah~ has been happy for long time already. Having limited brain activity is key to a long no-life happiness.
Gnah~ has not been always happy, but since Gnah~ had been bitten by his mother-in-law, he has been happy. Gnah~ life was very much about walking, bitting, walking once more. He had a very healthy life.
Few days,... or month, or hours, time flies when you are happy, Gnah~ met warm-bodies and planned to have a bite or two. He ended up with something very strange on his back, but nevertheless, it did not affect his happiness. Gnah~ was with other friends. They all had the pale face of happy people, one had lost his arm and it seems to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Gnah~ felt there was warm bodies around, but he could not know. His back was telling him to move forward, so he moved forward.

"Herr Von Evil, are you zure zis vill vork?" the SWD officer looked at the group of undeads down hill.
"Mein dear Gunthar, your lack of faith in SWD wonders is disappointing. They are controlled by this device that tells them what to do and where to go.", he pointed at the pinger device, "Additionally, it seems to give them a better fighting power."
They advanced in an abandoned orchard. Below there was a small farm complex where intel said a large group of Gurkhas was hiding. It was early morning and they had led a group of undeads closer. Von Evil snapped his finger.
"Heinrich, camera. The show will start soon"


  1. Liking the slant of this write up into the next part of the campaign. Can gnah survive. I hope he is identifiable from the masses :)

    1. Yes, Gnah~ will be highly identifiable. I am writting the report at the moment. What I can say it that the way it ended was unexpected.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hope the actual AAR fulfill your expectations :)

  3. Boo! Hiss! Von Evil is a baddy and I'd love to see him get his comeuppance :-) .

    1. Everybody loves a good Von Evil. For any good guy there is an evil master. Issue is that Von Evil doesn't like to lose.