Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Workbench update

Few things have been painted, including (and missing from the update), 11 Necromunda minis with their options and 6 dogs for the incoming scenarios.

My mobile workbench.

Bottom Left: Rats and Ratmen (Mantic and Games Workshop), Ratmen are Bolt Action bodies with Bolt Action Body and a Westwind SMG (German SWD) with Rat heads (Netzumi from the L5R range)
Bottom right in purple: Children of the Apocalypse (Fallout like, can't remember the brand)
Middle (metal and unpainted): Weird World War 2 survivors (Artizan Design), a zombie officer and his radio controller (Westwind), and 3 warlord British Artillery Spotters
Extreme Right: Incursion (GrindHouse) US APE (Armoured Infantry, Weird World War 2) in progress (Some still in the bag)
Top Left: 32mm Revoluzion mini (if I recall correctly),
Top Middle: 2 Junker (Urban Mammoth) special weapons, 5 Bolt Action Russians sailors, 
Top Right: 1 Mantic Space Rat Boss, a militia sniper (Urban Mammoth/ Grendel) and 1 Game Workshop Grey Knight

Russian Sailors are ready for vernish and basing if I stop being lazy
Lab rats are out and they are not happy
Starting WorldWorks building - Thoumont range. Not easy. I will do a special post
CSI badass for weird world war 2 (Artizan Design)
Finished some time ago, Brennus (Gladiator faction, Urban Mammoth)
Never turn your back on me!
Gladiator Scorpio (Urban Mammoth)
On the acquisition side, I got a box of Gurkhas (Bolt Action) and bought the Dad's Army box (Bolt Action) for additional characters in my campaign.


  1. Ratmen and Russian sailors? I'm interested to see how you're going to use these in a game :-) .

    1. The rats, I already have a good idea, for the Russian, don't ask me, I don't know why I bought them few years ago, and they will see the table as partisan for Bolt Action more often. :)

  2. Replies
    1. and that's only the working bench, not the table of the project that started and were put on hold