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The Reich of the Thousand Deads : S2-E2: The Cabin in the Woods (AAR)

As safe as it can be
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"We have to get there before the night fall." Mallory was pushing the group as fast as possible. It seemed to him that the Templars were not as used to hostile territories as he was. "We had been lucky with the SWD convoy. But they will not repeat twice the mistake. Plus we left two of their troopers alive."
"Do not worry for this", replied the scientist girl, "we have it all covered and my men will carry the extra work if necessary."
Johnson and Mallory looked at each other. This scientist was talking weirdly, weirder that the soldiers who protected her.
"Here we are!" Mallory pointed at a solid wood cabine on the other side."I knew I saw it when we jumped"
So close and still so far

Turn 1 (6:6)  Event  Damned Roots.

"We may want to have some fire if needed", the scientist said suddenly "Fire may help us if we meet certain things in these woods."
"Are you serious? Beside zombies and SWD, there are nothing we can fear" replied Johnson.
"You know nothing John-Son", she specifically said the 2 parts of his name clearly. The cold of her tone shut Johnson automatically.
"Don't worry miss, I have ga..." Mallory touched his backpack. "May the SWD be damned, I had a can full of gas with me. I may have lost it during the fight in the village."
Mallory frowned. This was not a good start.

Turn 2 (5:1),  Turn 3 (4:5), Turn 4 (1:3)
The group is surrounded by unfriendly sounds, or is it just imagination?
The group moved forward as fast as it could. The forest was dense and visibility limited. They crossed a stream of water and get close the house. Nearby, scary sounds in the woods made the soldiers even more tensed.

Turn 5  (5:1)

 Just as the group approached the house, two SWD stormtroopers appeared in front of them. Johnson quickly reacted.

"Flamer!", he shouted as he aimed him. The stormtrooper was hit but was protected by his body armor until one bullet got him in the head. The SWD soldier dropped dead.
"I got him." said a Templar behind Mallory. Before the American could react, the Templar ran toward the last SWD trooper with a knife drawn. The German dodged the attack and caught the wrist of the British, turning the blade toward the jaw of the Templar and the knife went deep in his brain, killing him instantly. He pushed the British on the side and tried to run away, only to be killed by Mallory.

PEF (6) and PEF (5) South West moved. PEF (5) was seen and was resolved as 2 SWD stormtroopers (REP 4 Flamethrower, REP 5 Assault Rifle). Johnson reacted the fastest, shoot the flamethrower and killed him with a headshot. 3 Templars had 3 successes, one couldn't shoot because Mallory was in front and charged the SWD instead while the others at the back covered the scientists. The SWD failed the being charged test but won the melee, outright killing the Templar. German SWD tried to duck back (alone in front of 10 soldiers...) but Mallory successfully shot him and killed him.

Turn 6 (1:5), Turn 7 (6:5), Turn 8 (2:6) 
"Let's split up. A group with me to clear the house, few troopers stay behind and protect our VIP."
With the recent death of their comrade, the Templar agreed without discussion. Mallory was very angry about the unnecessary death of the Brit. He saw enough dead heroes to know that you don't win the war with "Who-has-the-biggest-grave challenge".
As they approached, something caught their attention in a bush, and as they raised their guns, a game appeared, froze and after 2 sec, decided it was better to go.
"Ok, good, we all keep our cool. Let's check that cabin".

Turn 9 (6:6) Event "No More Zed generated"

Turn 10 (3:3) Event    6 survivors in Area 2, 1 SMG REP5, 5 Hunting Rifle REP 4

"This zupply run didn't go vell"
"Ja, the SvD had taken most of the zupply in the region. Ve may need to mofe soon. Let'z regroup in the houze."

Turn 11 (1:3:2), Turn 12 (3:3:3) Event 1d6 zombies generated (ignored), Turn 13 (4:3:1)

Mallory gave signs to the soldiers. They were getting ready to kick the door and invade the house. As he was going to give the go, he was distracted by a lurking zombie.
At the same time, the German survivors went out of the wood. One of the Templar saw them and raised his submachine gun. The German opened fire and the Allied by the house too. Two survivors, including their Lady Boss were stunned and another survivor was badly wounded. Max, the German under Mallory's team was killed by a hunting rifle shot. Mallory emptied his clip but hit nothing.
Mallory's team hit the ground while he reloaed.
"Stop fire", he said. "Stop fire"
"Wass is es?" replied a German
"Damned it, stop fire! Who can translate?"

The German were reloading their guns and were thinking their next move while the group of the scientist who had stayed in the wood flanked the Germans, killing one survivor and wounding another one. The last survivor hold his hand up.
"Nicht schiessen!"

Survivors appeared. Greet and Meet failed badly for Mallory.Johnson and Sniper shot but only stunned 2 survivors and 1 OOF, survivors shot at the same time, killing Max and one ran out of ammo. Mallory shot too, emptied his clip without hitting. Scientist team closed in while Mallory hit the ground. Templar were faster and killed one survivor, another shot OOF another, the last survivor decided to surrender.   

Turn 14 (3:6:3), Turn 15 (1:1:2) Event    2 survivors in Area 3, 2 Hunting Rifle REP 4, Turn 16 (2:4:3), Turn 17 (3:4:3), Turn 18 (5:4:4) 
Getting into the house: as no zombie can be generated, I treated as a PEF which passed only 1d6, increasing the Threat level to 6
The worst fear appeared to be an empty house
"Round them up. We'll deal with them later."
"Major, what do you mean?" Mallory was worried about how the scientist was talking about the survivors.
"Well, nothing can get in our way. What did you expect?"
"At least, they seems to be against the SWD, we may use them"
"So~ Hollywood. Anyway, we have to clear the area before talking about it"

While a group barricaded the house, a group was looking at the German survivors attending their wounded.
2 new survivors are entering the game
Up North, a group of German survivors entered the area.
"No luck in Burginsberg, all zupplies is gone. I hope Wilma and her group had more chanzes in the Zouth."
"Remind me we heard gunshots. Let'z hurry to the zafe houze"
This is a very popular area
"Lieutenant, I see new survivors heading this way".
"Gosh, I believe this house is their safe house. I hope there would be no more survivors coming. Take position, we will wait for them and we take them alive. No need to shoot at them."
The Templars looked at Mallory with a surprised look behind their gas mask.
"I mean, they may escape and tell others."
The Templars nodded in agreement.
Mallory looked at Johnson. They both understood each other without talking. The Templars may prove to be a problem later.
Give me one chance to shoot at you, Jerries
"Gunther, look. SWD bodies and some other kind of guy."
"Be on your guard, they may be ztill around"

Turn 19 (5:5:1) Event    PEF (6) in Area 2
Turn 20 (4:4) Event    "I hear something.", Turn 21 (5:2:3) 

"You", whispered Mallory to a Templar. "Come with me. I heard something in the woods. Let's check it out before we take care of the survivors."
They sneaked out of the house and faced a lonely SWD officer, likely from the group they killed earlier.
An American, a British and a SWD meet in the woods, what would happen?
The German was faster but his shots went wide. Mallory shot back and stunned the SWD. He quickly disarmed him when the 2 German survivors appeared. Fortunately, they recognized the US uniform before shooting.
Maybe we should take some prisoners for a change
"Voo are you?"
In German to the other survivor ("Look, he shot the SWD")
"We are friends. We came to help" said Mallory, he discretely indicated to the Templar not to shoot.
"Vere is Vilma." The German pinpointed the body of the previously killed survivor.
"Long story, come with us in the house, we'll explain."
The survivors lowered their weapons and followed Mallory.
Mallory won the Greet and Meet by 3 successes versus 0, despite bonus dice to the German survivors.  

Turn 22 (1:1) Event PEF (2) in Area 6
Turn 23 (2:2)  Event "Damned Roots"

"Lieutenant. I think I have lost something. "
"What did you lose soldier?"
"Food", replied the Templar.
"Who cares now. We have bigger problems."

Turn 24 (1:1) Event Rain (PEF resolution +1)

Turn 25 (3:4)    

Mallory brought the survivors in the house where the rest of the Allied ambushed and took their weapons.
"Bring them with the others. You and you, stay here. The rest with me. We have to clear this area as soon as possible. Then we can rest before the raid."
"As you say Lieutenant."

Turn 26 (2:5), Turn 27 (3:6), Turn 28    (1:4)    
"Better dealing with them now than in the middle of the night"
They ran as fast as they could toward the nearest sound and faced a large group of 8 zombies. They aimed and thanks to their silencers, only "Thumb-thumb" like sounds echoed in the forest.
And it was quickly dealt with
The zombies tried to charge them but were blocked by the river, where the Allied could easily finished them off.
"Next target, that terrible sound on the hill."

Turn 29 (2:6), Turn 30 (3:1), Turn 31 (3:4),Turn 32 (1:5), Turn 33 (2:3), Turn 34 (1:3), Turn 35 (4:2)      
As they approached, the sound became clearer. A moan of 19 zombies.
"That's a lot"
"Kill them before they reach us"
They fired as the zombies ran downhill. They were too many for the group and they meleed the living.
In no time, the fight was over. The zombies had met veteran soldiers who made no mistake this time.  
Mallory looked at the soldiers. They were clearing their blades of the zombies blood, guts and brains.
"Get back to the house and let's plan this raid on the SWD base."

And to the house they moved quickly.
10 doubles out of  35 rolls. That's a lot. Luckily, there was a "no more zeds"

The situation got complicated with all this survivors and I could not let them fight to death or abandon their wounded. I resolved a REP test for the last survivor of the group of 6, if pass 2d6 - Surrender, pass 1d6 - Fight to death, pass 0d6 Run away. But I have to decide what to do with them or what Mallory/The Major would do.

What is left of the commando. They were 16, 2 scenario ago...

German survivors, What to do with them?- War in color.
German survivors, original photo, The Great War of Humanity Museum of London
One SWD officer prisoner... a good source of intel for the next scenario


  1. Another good story - but you're in some danger of running out of characters, I think :-) !

  2. yeah. I had to buy the Dad's army from Bolt Action to get 18 new minis. But soon there will be less survivors and more SWD.