Monday, June 3, 2013

SOTR/ Battle Report June

Last week ended up killing my spare time with about 70 hours of work in 5 days. That delayed the monthly ATZ-FFO and almost killed my game preparation at the club.

Anyhow, I survived the onslaught and the Saturday game was done.

IT was a Secret of the Third Reich game with very little weird units.

Scenario: The Thing that should not be.
In short, a German convoy carrying a Thing is ambushed by a partisan force. The partisans have to take the APC containing the Thing. As the partisan had little fire power they had a second item. One of the vehicle carried the chief scientist, but which one, they didn't know.

The 2 forces were a little less than 50RP.

German OoB: 
  • 2 unarmored transports
  • 1 sdkfz 250 with pintle HMG
  • 1 sdkfz 251 with pintle HMG
  • 1 sdkfz 222 with coaxial HMG and a L gun
  • 1 APC carrying the Thing, unarmed
  • 1 HQ, 2 MECH squad with 1 LMG each and 1 squad with Panzerfaust, 1 Pioneer with 2 flamethrowers
  • Veteran, body armor

Partisan OoB:
  • 1 Partisan Hero
  • 4 Partisan bands with Molotov and weapon mix
  • 3 Saboteur teams
  • 1 HMG, 1 LMG team
  • 1 4-man 2nd hand APE squad as Support (1 Flamethrower, 2 LMG, 1 HMG)
  • Veteran
 The game was played in 4 turns, we stopped because it went impossible for the German to cross (Major traffic jam) and even at full speed the APC would never make it.

There was fun molotov throwing, burning 3 out of the 6 vehicles, instant kill with German flamethrowers and some surprising bullet dodgers.

Ended up as a draw
The convoy.  Partisan Hero, one band and the APE are in grenade throwing distance
The card represent what squad in what vehicle.

The Partisan Hero, a French Templar
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HMG team that will never fire a shot
The LMG team that will be burnt
Foreign Legion APE
The rest of the bands on both sides of the road with the saboteur in the wood

Same view from another angle. a band is hidden in the tower.
A partisan band is wearing old French army gear.
The wall between the squad will save these guys from a HE Panzerfaut blast.
first shots. The APE are down, 2 vehicles are burning but no bailing out
One of the platoon trying to hide in the building. The vehicle was on fire, the building caught fire too
Turn1 German casualties. Almost half the platoon
Turn 1. Few partisan casualties. The bright side for the Germans is to have taken out the HMG and LMG teams
Helmut Faust, last survivor of his squad, the only one with Panzerfaut. Never ever disorganized despite all the flames around him, he would be killed by 2 bands firing at him for 2 turns. He killed a lot of them by firing panzerfaust one after another.
End of Turn1, you can see the APC doing stupid things.
In the forefront the building is in fire, while the Sdkfz 222 shot the wooden building killing 4 partisans with the blast

The Partisans are keeping the convoy from moving
Turn 3, as you can see, the APC has not moved an inch....
The partisan also wear German uniform in a very casual way.
The Tower, a dreadful view for the German, but little impact. The Partisan player trying to find a way to kill my poor soldiers

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