Saturday, June 22, 2013

ATZ-FFO : American interlud

American Head Quarter in France, July 1944
The sky was sunny and the birds were singing.... and the zombies were moaning.
"Do ya think the fence will hold?"
The other soldier manning the cal .50 looked at him.
"From what I wish, is that the day it goes down, I am back at home. I heard there will be a flight home tomorrow. Lucky draw's tonight"
"The the German can have Europe for them all, together with the undeads"

In the airborne quarters.
"Today at 0600, Command has received a coded message. This coded message had been sent by one our best agent. He was working under cover with the SWD. This asset, codenamed "Dark Angel" is critical for our victory. Dark Angel was on its way to one of our outpost when something happened to him. The last known position is a former Wehrmacht position deep into Red Territory. Your mission will be to recover Dark Angel and bring him back alive. We have intercepted SWD communications and we know they have sent stormtroopers to intercept Dark Angel. That will not happen. Question?"
"What will be our support"
"There will not be any support. You will be airdrop next to the position and you will need to find your way back home. Intel reported that any engine sounds would attract undeads from a very large radius, and this would threaten the success of the mission if you are surrounded. Tanks have been discussed but SWD or any remaining Wehrmacht would take them down, or civilians would be tempted to ask to be saved, slowing you down or asking you choices we do not want you to have."
"So we get into Hell's Downtown, naked to save one man and avoid saving kids and civilians?"
"You got it right soldiers, and to make things worst, you are leaving now. Try to find Dark Angel before night time and find a safe place until morning. And then head home safe"

The soldiers went outside.
"That will be easy game. I'll take these zombies down with my special knife."
"I wish Dark Angel is a girl, that will be worth it"
"I hope we meet these SWD guys so we can have a real fight"
The Lieutenant frowned.
"I hope not. These SWD stormtroopers are elite forces and well equipped. Let's hope we have a smooth ride"

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