Monday, May 27, 2013

Miniature, terrain update May

Good first half of May, with tons of time for hobby.
Little update on the painting front. Resistants and Partisans are increasing in numbers. I made also more rifles as I almost ran out last time.
In addition, I finally painted my APE for my Secret of the Third Reich French units and got 2 new buildings to increase the variety of my ATZ-FFO terrain.

A Mongoose Judge Dredd wasteland
the forefront three are from Artizan Design
From left to right: Warlord, Warlord, Artizan Design, Warlord, Artizan Design
Group shot. Artizan Design and Warlord
Westwind/Grindhouse American APE

APE with French marking

Flamer's back
Sergeant's back
Foldable Dave Graffam building.

Destroyed tower, Dave Graffam, back (foldable)
Destroyed tower, Dave Graffam, front (foldable)
Destroyed tower, Dave Graffam, front (foldable)

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