Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RRtK : Battle Reports - Summer 1031

Main engagements:
Derigion Marshal Vicus against Vorozion Marshall Colwyn
Derigion Army is invading...

Derigion Army: 40 Heavy Cavalry, 10 Cavalry, 700 Infantry
Vorozion Army: 200 Infantry, 220 Heavy Cavalry

Derigion: Marshall Vicus
  • 2 Heavy Cavalry 
  • 3 War Chariot
  • 1 Mercenary Cavalry
  • 5 Phalange
  • 2 Infantry levies
  • 1 Hero (Gygax)
Vorozion: Marshall Colwyn

  • 4 Heavy Cavalry
  • 1 Knight
  • 2 Infantry Levies
The Vorozion draw the Derigion army to a very difficult terrain but it was not possible for Marshall Vicus to not accept the battle with a larger and better force.
 Vicus went undecided in the middle of the battle as the Heavy Cavalry was routing units after units and the Derigion infantry almost breaking the army. Gygax also forgot the battle and for several precious moments, the Vorozion forces were undisputed on the battle field.
Cutting through the infantry like butter

A final push  from the remaining phalanges and the return of Gygax won the battle for Vicus at a very high cost for the Derigion.
Derigion won the battle.
Gygax took it personal against Colwyn
(in fact, I forgot about Gygax for 2 turns as the Vorozion literally wreak havoc, destroying 4 units in 2 turns without any hit!)

Loot: 2  resources

Derigion losses: 1 experience Phalange
Vorozion losses: 2 Heavy Cavalry, 1 Infantry Levy

Vorozion left the provinces and wait for reinforcements.

Sekeker against Alweg lords
Sekeker Army: 550 Infantry
Alweg Army: 200 Infantry, 10 cavalry

Sekeker: Marshall Jenny
  • 2 Warrior (1 level of experience) 
  • 2 Young (1 level of experience)
  • 2 Warrior
  • 3 Meat Shield
  • 1 Hero (Lydia)
Alweg: Captain Yob (attribute: Minor Weapon - (Defensive Expert))

  • 8 Infantry
  • 1 Archer

Sekeker ambushed the Alweg with a better scouting. Jenny was hit during the battle but fully recovered. She also won the Weapon of the opposing Captain . Enemy tried to retreat to a fort by turn 4 but all units were routed before it happened. (final was Jenny’s unit against the last Alweg unit, all fresh, giving a 7/1 vs 2/1, 6 hit in 1 roll!).

Sekeker won the battle.

Loot: 4 resources

Sekeker losses: 1 inexperienced Warrior unit

Batranoban against Alweg free city of Komsomoloskaya

Batranoban Army: 290 Infantry, 45 cavalry
Alweg Army: 200 Infantry

Batranoban: Marshall Al'Sun
  • 3 Warrior (1 level of experience)
  • 2 Archer (1 level of experience)
  • 2 Slave (1 level of experience)
  • 2 Cavalry (1 level of experience)
  • 1 Cavalry
  • 1 Slave
  • 1 Warrior
  • 1 Alweg Infantry from local lord.
Alweg: MARSHAL Islav (attribute: Major Weapon(Charisma, Ambush))

  • 4 Cavalry
  • 2 Infantry
  • 2 Archer
  • 1 Levy
Batranoban wins, Al’Sun unit charged against the general of the Alweg unit which was decimating the Batranobans and kills Marshal Islav during the melee. The enemy tried to retreat to the city but last cavalry and infantry units were destroyed. Al’Sun gain a Major Weapon (Charisma, Ambush)

Batranoban won the battle but at a high cost.

Loot: 2 resources

Batranoban losses:
1 experience Cavalry, 1 inexperienced Cavalry, 1 experienced Slave, 1 Archer


  1. Interesting adaptation. In RRtK you can't have cavalry in woods I think. But you can house rule it how you like.

    1. I played house rules for wood and rocky environment with defense bonus/attack penalty.

  2. Campagne intéressante mais joues-tu avec des figs (quelle échelle) ou avec des pions ?

    1. Je joue surtout avec du papier et un crayon, et pour les grosses batailles directement avec Battle Chronicler.
      C'est tres pratique pour jouer entre deux voyages d'affaire ou a l'hotel :)

      J'aimerais acheter les figurines en 6mm et jouer, mais c'est pas tres possible.