Monday, December 10, 2012

FFO:ATZ - First Battle Rep

July 1st 1944 - First day of the end of World

Dear Diary, I am writing this day on a small paper that I will add to you once I am back. My fingers are frozen by the cold morning, I am hidden in a hollow tree, thinking again and again on what happened and what went wrong....

All was going well. Yesterday we were drinking and fantasying about our future glory, all the Germans we would kill or make surrender. Alcohol helped a lot in that silliness. Jean-Paul the Mayor is now trying to organize us. There will not be enough weapons for all of us, and he asked me to retrieve a pistol that hidden in the burnt out house in the wood. 

The house in the middle
 He did not say where it was, but gave indication that it was hidden in some of the junk that surround the house. I hoped I could find it fast.

Jean Courage in (lead) person
I was somehow scared and was sure I heard noise around the house in front of me. I should have paid more attention as you will read. (PEF 5)

Turn 1 : JC 1 / Z 1

I started my journey to go quickly at the house, find the gun and get back to the village.

( Random Event : Nothing. (I resolved the random events so if not applicable, nothing happen).
PEF don't move)

Turn 2 (5-1)
(PEF stay where it is.)

Turn 3 (4 - 3) , Turn 4 (3 - 5)

The sounds on my right were getting louder; I could hear low voice, some kind of low moan, until I saw the German patrol. Damn, I was heading right into a patrol.(PEF resolved as a 1+1d6/2 zombie horde)

Germans! (normal light for camera)
Germans! (early morning view)

Turn 5 (4 - 2),  Turn 6 (6 - 3), Turn 7 (5 - 3)
I quickly moved on my left, using the morning mist at my advantage and climbed the small hill. I was lucky enough and the Germans did not go after me.
I paused and waited for a while, trying to see or hear if the Germans were still looking for me. I could hear some noise but it seems they are looking for something else and ignored me. At least, they did not run after me which was enough for me.(the zombies shambled NE-SW for 3 turns at a 4 inch pace without any improvement on their location)

Turn 8 (4 - 3)I searched the junk around me and found some canned food (Food+1). I stopped and waited. Did the patrol hear me? … Seemed not. (I resolve the action from Jean with the zombies as following : Each action trigger a hearing test from the zombies as the terrain is quiet with no other sound in early morning that birds, if the zombies pass at 2d6, I assume they hear sounds and move toward the sound direction)

Jean is hidding behind junk on the hill

Turn 9 (3 - 4)
I ran for the house from the hill, but the terrain was difficult and I was not as fast as I expected. I could still hear sound from the South, damn Germans. Can't they go away?

Turn 10 (6 - 1)
I stopped, waiting, listening to the South. I hid behind a box and stopped breathing.

Turn 11 (2 - 6)
They really seemed to be gone. I could hear only the little birds and the typical cracks of the woods in the morning. I resumed my search and looked at the junk in the house.
This was the home of a woodman, he lived there for many years until his wife died and he killed himself. From what I heard, it was a terrible night, with a mighty storm. When people saw smoke, they headed toward it, fearing a fire that could devastate the woods, but thanks to the rain, only part of the house was destroyed. They found the body few meters away, a bullet in the head. Since then, the house saw manyyoung men of the village using it as a challenge for adulthood and every year, more junk was added to the “house of the dead man”.
Looking for the gun, I could only find extra food to put in my bag. Still worth the trouble.

Turn 12 (4 - 4)
I was looking at the darkest corner when it jumped on me! I recognized something was not right, because the right side of his face was terribly torn apart, one his dead eye dangling. It charged me and I could barely react and I fought to death. I pushed it back and it hit the sharp corner of a hard wooden box, dead. (melee fight, Zombie 4d6 (4455), Jean 3d6(116), Jean win by 2d6!, Impact 3, roll 1, OD… that was so short)

A ghoul? A zombie? What's the hell!

 Turn 13 (1 - 6) 
I stared at the body. What’s the hell was that? Obviously it had been a German soldier. But something is really wrong, it was not only my imagination. I smelt its decay flesh, its uniform displayed bullet holes, one of his arm was broken with a wrong angle.
No time to think, I needed to get out fast. I went up the stairs and found the pistol. It was a small police pistol. The cold feel of the steel comforted me. I took the extra ammo next to it, we never know.
(I roll the zombie if they hear, and with 2d6, they hear the sound and will head toward it, zombies are now REP 4).

Jean killed the thing!

Turn 14 (2 - 5), Turn 15 (4 - 5)
(Jean get down the ladder and do not hear the approaching zombies).
I climbed down the ladder and headed South, I really wanted to get out of the wood with these ... "things" in there. It all looked more and more weird by now, with the mist and the dawn. My mind wandering, I did not pay attention until I was face to face with the 4 Germans of the patrol.
But, now, having had a closer at that "thing" in the house , I realized these Germans were acting and walking weird too, more shambling than walking straight. Drunk? I thought not now. 2 of them had major injuries. These were walking dead too!

What? These Germans look like the other nightmarish thing

Turn 16 (5 - 3), Turn 17 (4 - 6)
Still surprised of this discovery and thinking where they come from, what they meant, why they were there..., they kept shambling toward me. Me and my damn brain! Why does it need to analyze when I should be running. One of them almost grabbed my jacket until I reacted and shot him...
Well, to be honest with myself, I missed it and hit the one just behind. it took the bullet as if it was a mosquito bite (and even that, a mosquito bite has more effects!). 
 Not waiting any longer, I ran back to the house and luckily they got tangled in tree roots.

Turn 18 (5 - 5)
In the house, the German I thought I killed raised again, surely awaken by the shot and I shot him too, missing it. It attacked me again and I could barely pushed it back, it tumbled on the floor but definitely not completely dead.

Turn 19 (4 - 2), Turn 20 (6 - 3), Turn 21 (2 - 5)
I ran, they shambled after me.  I stopped and shot one in the head and I believed it was finally dead. I kept running but then….

Benny Hill moment. Escaping the zombies
Arg! They're faster

Turn 22 (2 - 2), Turn 23 (5 - 5)
I twisted my ankle. I saw my last moment in front of my eyes. (Double! and twisted ankle at the worst moment ever, I roll once more, expecting to move, but...)
 I tried to walk again, this is too painful. With the walking dead behind me I scream because of the pain, what I believe is my end... (I changed the phone ring event, obviously not possible in 1944 with Jean trying to walk with his twisted ankle screaming from pain. It attracted no zombie 234 as this is the first day).

Hurry up

Turn 24 (4 - 5)
I moved and was getting some distance. I took on my last bit of energy to take some extra meters and hide in a hollow tree. I should get better tomorrow and head back to the city (Having the ankle twisted, doing a run test can hurt extra, I decided to take the test and assume the hero will hide from his foes and take care of his wound)

So close

That was close! Jean almost got grabbed and surrounded by 5 zombies, no close combat weapon and the pistol is very hard to use (impact 1).
Next game will see few days between this scenario and the next one which will be to find Germaine in the village.
A very fun game, I didn't expect to roll so many zombie at once. Fortunately none of the shot attracted more zombies, nor did the shout for the twisted ankle at the last turn.
I used a rule to shamble the zombies (1d6 move in 1d12 direction), mist (8 inch visibility) and wood (max 6 inch for the human).

Next scenario, I will roll for Jean (1 zombie killed, 3 items found).
I also received 100 transparent base to use as dead markers in my next game!
Markers for next time


  1. Nice report. Looked like a good game.

  2. It was. I was less killing zombies than avoiding it. And for some reason, the dices were helping making the story even more interesting.

  3. Good read and very nice markers.

    1. I had the idea from another blog (Anatoli's game room). But very inexpensive and very easy to do.

  4. I enjoyed the start to your campaign. Though I thought he was gone.

    1. that was close indeed. I really saw him gone. This also teached me that pistol are not effective at all!