Friday, April 13, 2012

Working late, and painting is delayed

Another tough day, with late work and late conference calls. The painting rate has been affected, and I am getting late on my projects.
I still have to finish the Flesh Golem for my Temple (SOTR), few barricades to improve the look of my battle boards.

On the other side, I did post a Maelstrom Games order and after a month, one item has been stocked ( Army Painter Battlefields XP Winter Tuft) yet and I am splitting the order.
So I should receive within May :
SOTR-ATZ project:
4 British Airborne Characters I                      
4 British SAS Saboteurs                             
4 French Maquis with Rifles
4 French Maquis with Stens
4 German Afrikakorps Grenadier Command
4 German Afrikakorps Panzergrenadiers
30 Undead Zombie (Mantic Games)

Sci-fi models for my Run 'nSteel project:
1 Corporation Major-General  (nice miniature from Mantic!)                     
5 Forge Father Drakkarim Team                        

Painting and Modelling stuff:    
Army Painter Battlefields Brown Battleground Tub
Army Painter Battlefields Field Grass Tub      
Army Painter Battlefields XP Razor Wire       
On the current project side, I have few basing to complete, a starter set of Legionaries from UrbanMammoth and the Forge Father force from Mantic Games.
Well, I almost forgot some resistance and civilian for SOTR-ATZ.

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