Tuesday, April 10, 2012

basing and getting ready for All Thing Zombie, SOTR mode!

I finally have some updates. I've been traveling for few weeks, and little time to do painting and I had to postpone a game because of a cold (What kind of cold catch you during Easter holidays? Can't it wait for work days???)

3 batch of stuff done : Imperial Trenchers for my Run n'Steel game, 12-man squad, with an officer, 2 special weapons and 1 medic.

The full squad. Officer in the middle, medic on the far left, machine gun middle background

Medic Left, and a standard trooper

On the left a standard trooper with bayonet and a special weapon (flamer) on the right

Medic pouches and gun at the back
Medic left side
Officer details of the left hands
Standard trooper

I have also added some new German to play solo or cooperation games using All Thing Zombie ruleset
Sidecar, a must have since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Group of Engineers and their Goliath,  Warlod minis and SOTR heads

Mr Smith, more highlighting of the black coat.

The Hatch. I plan to have it in scenario 2-3

German sentries

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