Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trees! Give me trees!

We are in house keeping mode, my wife will give birth to our girl very soon and I have to make room for her. That means less space for Daddy's miniatures and terrain.

Good thing is that is it forcing me to decide what I keep and what I want to keep less (A true figurine-addict can't give up what he hoarded for years).
The other good part is that in my digging, I had to optimize space used, and I found out few innovative way to use magnet stickers (the one to stick below the base) that I bought but never used.

Background info.
I bought a year ago trees in a train shop, which is the only way in Hong Kong to buy trees for wargame. Buying trees only is expensive with the posting fees.
The main issue was that the trees were not very stable and we had to work on them every round so there is no TIIIIMBEEER! every minute or so.

So, I combined Magnet stiker (heavy and with very strong glue already) with the trees, to have the following result.
I would say it looks okay from 1 foot away and the trees are now very stable. Thumb up for the late night idea (aka the 11pm-idea).

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