Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What about the Werewolf?

To speak a little about the blog (last article and then we go to gaming directly, promise).
The werewolf is related to an old serie of RPG games I created, the Wolfen serie.

Wolfen is more a concept than a game itself. The whole game is based on temporary alliance between the characters with divergent objectives that require them to split around the end of the game if they want to succeed.

Up to now, most of the group that played the scenarii (sometimes scenarii were played 2-3 times) ended up dead or not better. And usually I as a Game Master had nothing to do, they killed each other in different methods or coincidentally ran into problems.

The Wolfen serie include also an arch-ennemy, the infamous Biotech America, kind of Umbrella corporation of the game.

The serie included the following scenarii :
- Wolfen I (Cold, Snow and Journalism) : The story is in the US mountains during a major snowstorm.
- Wolfen II (Pinacolada and Virus) : Took place in a Caribbean leisure island where something went wrong. All characters start the game "in media res" and are the only official survivors looking to escape.
- Wolfen III  : Based in Europe, the game start with 2 groups splits and then merges into one, one group hijacking the other one cars while trying to escape a wolfen
- Wolfen Zero:  It is the "what happened before Wolfen I that lead to the background on Wolfen I).
- Wolfen !1943 : The founding of the Biotech America from the ashes of paranormal researches from Nazi scientists. The characters are US and British commando sent to infiltrate a castel.

I will post soon English version (I got them in French, my mother tongue)  but here is an extract of the materials used during the games.

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