Thursday, June 16, 2011

Secret of the Third Reich - The Germans

As anybody doing World War 2 gaming, you need to look at the German for they will be your army of choice or likely one of your opponent. Something I found interesting is that you will almost never meet 2 opponents playing Germans against each other.

The Germans have the most extensive background, units and weirdness. With the Germans, you can field entire platoon of Werewolf, Mecha, Vampires, Zombies, Drop Troopers.

Their backbone of your platoon is normally composed of MechGrenadier with good options, even if somehow expensive when you start to buy optional equipments. They also field the Aufklarer, a deadly mid-size units to destroy a specific powerful unit. Still their size and their cost make them a difficult choice : to sacrifice or to protect?

Some characters will bring you the option to replace the regular MechGrenadier by Werewolf only, or field more vampires.

My platoon field use regular OoB, with more weird units than tanks or mecha. Well, in fact, there is no Mecha and Drop Troopers. Just because I like it that way. True, the mecha are highly flexible compared to tanks and other conventional transports and the Drop Troopers are deadly when dropped at the right place at the right time.
Na~ I prefer fielding my 40 zombies, werewoves or wolf runners together with my mechanized platoon. I have a Stug in case I need heavy support, just because I've always liked the Stug' shape!

Werewolves are deadly if the terrain include woods. Werewolves can hide and wait, unless grenades and flamers are used against them. They are deadly fast and can outrun any humans, and in close combat, they are more than a match to any specialized close combat units. Their weakness lie in their lack of armor, lack of range attack and pack of 3 only.

Regarding the Wolf Runner? Wolf Runners are a mix between Aufklarers (scouts) and werewolves. Powerful and good in hidding, it is deadly in distance, contrary to the Werewolves who still bring back the grenades in their jaws and barking to the thrower to throw it again.

The Vampire is a pain in the arse for the opponent. Vampire can be in vapor form and enter most of the vehicles, tanks and mechas. It can wipe out a full squad of infantry in close combat and sometimes win just by getting close (Horror skill). Their fighting skills are so special that it requires a special attention for the opponent. The issue with Vampires is they fight alone and are easy to kill with flame or any Monster Hunter character.

Finally, to complete the horror for the Allied and the Soviet, there are zombies. Brainless, numberless dead corpse walking slowly to the trenches or any well defended position to eat the defenders. They are tough, without fear and they do not easily die for good.

At the end, people may wonder : what can stop Germans to win every encounter?
The answer : The deadly Monster Hunter characters/units and Flames. And heavy machine guns too. Most of the weird units are very powerful in close combat. To avoid losing against them, usually a good digging and a good aiming are enough. If not, support and special units will finish them.

Germans have numerous platoon composition, making them highly flexible against different opponents. While generally efficient against the Soviet, where werewolves, vampires and zombies can offset the camouflage ability of the Soviets, against tanks and heavy fire oriented Americans, being careful is good. British are a wonderful opponent with their resistance against weirdness and characters/units with Monster Hunter as a basic skill.

I usually use the weird units as magnet of fire and annoying the enemy while the infantry and less scary units can take positions. That's expensive strategy and the success is, I must admit, limited. But very fun to see the other player's face when I move werewolves toward his main infantry.

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