Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Battle Report - British Para against German Mech

Last Saturday saw a fight between Para and Mech Grenadier.
The mission was using a home-made scenario, "Get the scientist". The scenario is here.

The party was a demo at the Hong Kong Society of Wargame HKSW. The game was played with 34 RP, mostly because a new player should not be overwhelmed by the number of units.

The OoB of the Para was the following :
- Standard Para HQ + Battle Chapelain and one radio.
- Standard Para squad, all bren
- Half-team Para squad, all bren, commanded by a Corporal (value 4RP)
- 2 British Steel (value 3RP), 1 flamer, 1 vicker, Corporal has a radio.
- 1 HMG
- Armor and Elite upgrade

German OoB:
- Standard HQ
- 2 Mech Grenadier squad, all Gewehr
- Aufklarer
- MG team
- Werewolf (Weird unit on the table)
- Armor and Veteran upgade

I am still waiting for my British vehicles ordered in Warlord and just received last Monday info that my Tetrarch won't be coming due to no stock. Anyhow, for a demo party, vehicles may be a little too much. And no trees as well. Wood will be delimited by "white foam". To say that 1949, even the trees are weird.

Turn 1: All started with the Para making a run for the tower and the cemetery
The Germans were lucky most of the time and were able to bring most of the platoon on the board, with the noticeable absence of the MG, which would be fatal to it.
Turn 2: Advance of the Para to the Tower, and the British Steel cleared the woods of a decoy, slowing them down a bit. The German rush through the wheat field and the wood, while the MG finally join the fight.
Turn 3: German and Para exchange fire. The Para decided to take the MG down with success, killing 1 and downing the 2 others. The German retaliate by firing at the HQ squad who failed the Cool Check! The Para Half Team suppressed the woods while the rest of the squad rush to the Tower.
In the mean time, the German HQ retreat to bring the medic close to the MG while the Aufklarer rush to the Cemetary and another Half Team rush to the Tower.
Turn 4: The MG finish the MG team before it can be brought back to fight while the German eliminate the HQ team, including the Battle Chapelain. Only the private avoided death by heroically being wounded. But that meant the loss of one of the two radio. Around the cemetery, the Aufklarer and the British Steel/Para Half team are closing.
Turn 5: Para finally got into the Tower, the German downed a sniper, threw grenades in the house while the British Steel flamed the Aufklarer after they threw grenades to the Para Half Team. The British cleared almost the two half squad on the top with accurate aiming.
Turn 6: The Para started to collect items in the tower and found the mad scientist almost automatically. In the cemetary the British and the werewolves were able to see each other, activating the unit that jumped to the Para Half Team, while the British Steel finished the Aufklarer. The werewolves met heavy opposition from the Para Half Team as the corporal was no more than down. In the mean time, the HQ with the remaining late Mech Half Team rushed to the cemetery. On the other side of the battle field, the Para kept on shooting right and to kill. The German suffered heavy losses.
Turn 7: The corporal recovered from the wound and decided to take up the fight by eliminating the werewolf in Close Combat (a poor "1" for the werewolf against a great "6"). Meanwhile the British took advantage of the Tower to clear the German still in the wheat field. The German successfully called a draw by destroying the last Radio (the British Steel Corporal), meaning the Para would have to find another way to escape from Behind the Enemy lines.

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