Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Joining the 100k challenge of Monty (building 5 different themes bases

J'ai décidé de me lancer dans la compétition de Monty pour ses 100 milles visites. C'est tendu, je me suis toujours forcé à ne jamais vraiment faire de bases....
I have decided to join the Monty's challenge for his 100k visits. It's tough, as I have been avoiding basing for a long time.
Jean-Jacques, Cedric a encore rejoins un truc sur Internet.

Le challenge: Faire 5 bases. Make 5 bases.
Thème: hivernal, désertique, végétal, démoniaque, futuriste
Theme:  Winter, Desert, woody-jungly, hellish, futuristic

Maintenant va falloir que j'apprenne à faire et vite.
Now, I need to learn how to do stuff... quickly.


  1. Well, I think the first thing to do is decide how much of each of these elements goes into a base:
    * Colour. Winter, desert and hellish bases could just be white, tan and red without much other difference between them.
    * Structure. The shape of the underlying ground or man-made building/sidewalk.
    * Scatter. Anything that is not part of the structure, such as vegetation, discarded equipment, small animals...

    Once you've decided on the balance between these 3 aspects, creating a base is just the same as any other model-making task :-) .

    1. that's a good point and a good start. I have started drawing what I am trying to do, then I will start to work on the base.
      The structure and scatter are 2 good steps I didn't fully include into the thinking process.

  2. Good luck. Colgar6's is good advice!