Thursday, November 5, 2015

ATZ-FFO: USS Serenity: Operation Sunny Day (AAR) - Part 2

Game rules:
- When the bomb has been activated, 1d6 zombies would appear from the entrances every turn, and direction would be provided by a scatter dice (GW artillery dice)

- Once the bomb has been activated, the troopers have 20 turns to exit.
- super zombies (in purple, from Battle for Alabaster) had 5 melee dice instead of 3. They were generated on a special dice roll.
- Melee with super zombie could infect troopers. Infected troopers had to be checked every turn by rolling 1d6, on a 6, infection spreads. Once infection spread has as many successes as REP, the troopers would turn super zombie.
- When troopers passed next to a zombie. Roll melee as usual, if won, the trooper can move away without issue but cannot kill the zombie (kills only with a natural "1"). If failed, the trooper stops his move and receive a hit as normal.
- The super zombies  could defuse the bomb, on a natural one. They needed to accumulate 6 successes to defuse the nuke. They collected 5 successes on the last turn, but failed to defuse on their last roll (that was a standard Hollywood bomb countdown).

Main events:
- Once the bomb was activated, the troopers failed many activations, more often than not during critical moments.
- The sentries failed to activated at the end and were destroyed by the zombies.

Hope you enjoyed the campaign. I will issue a pdf version this week-end.

Carter Burke


  1. Superb finale! It has been a joy to read. Look forward to re-reading the whole thing together!

    1. Thank you. As you see, I increased the font this time :)

  2. Bravo !!

    L'histoire est captivante à souhait !! ^^

    En plus sur ma tablette en mode liseuse ce n'est que du bonheur.

    C'était excellent ^^


    1. C'est format tablette. ComicLife c'est un super outil pour faire des petites BDs a partir des rapports de bataille.