Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Taking up the Morikun Challenge - My theme

Kaiu Fugu, the crazy craftman of the Crab clan is back from retirement, after 13 years. He had been my unforgettable L5R character.

Le Temple de Morikun has awaken my inner Kaiu Fugu. The Morikun's Temple.

A place to visit and that cleverly set a googletranslate gadget to make it English friendly has launched a massive Give Away program, with more than 51 goodies, with major indy companies.

I have decided to join and use new techniques to do it.
I have also set a theme that I finally detailed it last night. I am planning the following:

Morikun, aboard his car has drove over a pair of hitchhikers  Geu and Weu (or Gil War and Will Hammer) and is about to achieve the survivor.

The hitchhikers are from the Games Workshop set of Sauron/Elendil, failcast. (got them for 10 euro at the FLGS).

There will be a Geisha, just because.

 Still not decided on the bodyguard. There are 3 versions: Sumo, Japanese henchmen or Orc Samourai (from old Confrontation)

Turbo Sumo
Standard Yakusa henchmen
Samourai Orc

Now, I will need to start painting, modding the car and make the road.

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  1. Alors ça !! ça c'est de l'originalité mon Cher Cédric !! MOUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! XD

    Continue comme ça, je suis ça avec intérêt ^^