Sunday, June 7, 2015

Incursion - More details

 Following some requests on kickstarter, here are some highlights on the Incursion kickstarter, with comparison with older versions and other games.

door (I've 30 of those, splendid) Plastic on the left, metal on the right
Incursion bomberzombie detail
(left to right) SOTR zombie, plastic APE, zombicide zombie, Metal APE, plastic bomberzombie, plastic door
With slot bases, it fits well
Zombicide, sturmzombie, bomberzombie, SOTR zombie


  1. They look pretty sweet mini's dude!

  2. They are great, good quality, little flash.
    No painting plan yet, as they fit the boardgame area. Once I need to cross over with SOTR, I will likely start painting some of them.
    Still, I have about 300 fantasy models to paint to get ready for 2016 Fantasy.

  3. Hi Cedric:
    Sorry, haven't visited your blog in a long time. What's going on with USS Serenity? Loved the earlier pictures of your children helping to unbox the game. Cute kids.
    Stay well,

    1. Hi Michael,
      USS Serenity has been frozen because of change of job and also because I can't get that %$#@! board I wanted to using Space Crusade boards, to make it more claustrophobic. I think I will give up making walls and play with the board as their are. :(

  4. An excellent addition to your forces, by the look of it!

    1. Yes, a very good addition. Painting them will be another story. Likely in 20 years from now :)

  5. Exciting stuff! I have the original edition but sadly missed the KS when I was deployed overseas. Looking forward to seeing your goodies all painted up!