Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bolt Action AAR - Search and Rescue

Last week, we played a 1000 pts custom scenario with a friend at the FLG. We had 8 custom scenarios and rolled:

Scenario: Search and Rescue

Force: 1000 pts per side, deployment in opposite corner.
Objective: Retrieve as many civilians as possible in 6 turns.
Victory points:
for each unit destroyed: 1/2 value points
for each civilian retrieved: 120 pts.

We assumed the following:
1944, a force of partisans is about to capture pro-German officials and German officers. Their convoy has been destroyed by Soviet airstrike. The partisans plan to bring them to people's justice.
German local security forces are rushing to the site to save as many as they can.

The 10 civilians. from left to right. Gestapo, Assistant, local religious leader, accountant, German crew, collaborationist, SS doctor, local police head, Gestapo and Gestapo doctor.
German force:
1x Flammpanzer B2
1x Sdkfz 222
1x 1st Lt with bodyguard
1x MMG
4x Heer squad with LMG (7 soldiers each)
1x sniper
1x Flamethrower team

Partisan force:
2x trucks
1x captured sdkfz 251D
1x captured flame hetzer
2x inexperienced pistol squads (9 and 9 men)
3x regular squad with 1 pzfaust and 1 LMG (7, 6 and 6 men)
1x regular squad with LMG (5 men)
1x 1st Lt + 2 bodyguards
1x 2nd Lt
1x sniper
1x bazooka
The square where the 10 civilians had been scattered. German arrived from top right, Partisan from bottom left
German deployed

Partisan sniper is covering the square
First shot of the game, the German hit one of the partisan truck, killing only
Partisan drove like mad men to retrieve the civilians quickly.
Forward! Kill the terroristen!
German deployed. A partisan truck reached the square in no time.
Partisan rushed into the tall building. The Gestapo butcher was hiding on the 2nd floor.

German won 3 activations in a row on turn 2. They had to shoot with 3 units to kill my first inexperienced units. The leadership rolls were "2,1" and "1,1". The last remaining soldier was butchered by the German. Note: with 2 civilians captured, extra damages might have killed them. It was a risky business for the German.

Calm to the end, smoking his cigar, the last partisan stand proud in front of his murderers

The Flame Hetzer arrived, it will annihilate most of the German units before running out of ammo.
the German sniper did nothing the entire game.
Partisan try to attack the German in their back

German MMG is covering units

last 2 turns, the Flammpanzer took the square and interdict units for moving (shooting his main gun)
German have retrieved some of the VIPs
Partisan bazooka hits twice on the German tanks by the bazooka, but no penetration!
the Partisan 2nd Lt kept the girl
The Inglorious bastards captured the SS doctor and the German crew at the last minute
Last view before end of the game

The German won the battle. We both had 4 civilians captured, but the German destroyed more "points" of Partisan (damned trucks, I lost the game because of them).
It was a good fun. I made 2 big mistakes during the game: Sending my truck right in the middle of the square on turn 1 and sending a team in the middle of the square in mid-game only to have it burned to death by the B2.
To my defense, I had about 50% more activation dice and on turn 2, when my inexperience team was supposed to run to cover with 2 civilians, my opponent activated 3 times in a row. Bad luck.


  1. Looks like a great game! Post up more details about the scenario, could the objectives be moved? What were their rules?

    1. I'll write a post about some of them today.

  2. Very cool dude! Lovely looking game.

    1. The cool part was to bring my partisan and make back stories for the one who did something. I had Indiana Jane and the Hannibalov Smitch. Hannibalov died on turn 2.