Monday, November 17, 2014

Reich of the Thousand Deads: Highway to Hell (Prelude)

"Vere do you kom from?", the German was curious about Mallory.

"I was left for dead outside of a SWD secret base and I move Northwest by foot until I found you."
"Ve are going Norz, to ze zea. You should kom vith uz"
"I am afraid not. I have some critical information for the Allies. Bring me to Bastogne. There is an Allied center there hold by paratroopers. They would welcome you."
"Vy going zere. It iz a deaz trap. SWD will kom to kill zem."
"I would be not so sure about it. I believe we will trap them. First, we have to use Freedom Highway if it is not close."
"Vat iz Freedom Highway?"
"An asphalt road the Allies kept open for German civilians fleeing zombies."

Freedom Highway:

Mallory and the German survivors reach a congested area of the Freedom Highway. The Germans are not far behind and it is a race against the clock before they arrive.

The area generates zombies on 3-4-5-6.

A long straight road bordered with woods and a small house.

Terrain placement:
 Take all my world war 2 vehicules and place them in 1d6 area. Climbing a vehicle will take 1 full movement. Vehicle may have hidden zombies (up to 5), randomly.

Reach the other side in 20 turns. If possible with a vehicle. Each vehicule will need 4 units of fuel to reach the next scenario.Mallory must survive.

They can be SWD, Allies, Survivors (good or bad) and zombies.


  1. Replies
    1. the report has been delayed. There was a problem with the card during the photo shoot and I was really too sad. The time to find the alternative plan.

  2. Waiting eagerly to hear how this game went :-) .

    1. It went the ATZ way, I would say. Report to come once I mentally recover from the loss of 95% of the photos...