Monday, February 10, 2014

The Reich of the Thousand Deads : S2-E1: Behind Enemy Lines / Scenario Special

New Season, First Scenario.

With these last mission letter, Mallory felt something else was not said, our could not be said. He raised his head and saw his men, and women. They evacuated the base they had in Normandy as it was becoming impossible to defend. More things, more undeads, less living around. This mission would a be a death and life question for Humanity.

The plane shook.

"We are hit. We are losing fuel. We will change course and drop you as close as possible. Good luck guys"

Few hours later, they were about to reach the village the British were supposed to be hiding. They had walked across a thick forest, without meeting enemies, so far...

The Map:
General map view. Yellow are PEF, Green are Good Guys, Red are zombies/Bad Guys
Western side

Eastern side

The Village of Wolfenstein is highly guarded by elite force SWD. All population has been wiped out or sent somewhere. Our HQ has no information on the civilian or the situation on the ground.
The force will be far behind the enemy lines and no reinforcement or support can be provided. The team will need to link up with Special British forces and their scientific. The British had been dropped ealier and have found a safe house in a remote village.

The British
They are hidding. The Building rules (ATZ/FFO) is used. 
At the first empty building (no zombie generated on a 6d6), it will be populated by the British Special Force (Templar),
British Special Force "Templar"
  • 4x REP 4 SMG
  • 1x REP 4 Anti Tank Rocket Launcher
  • 1x REP 4 SAW
  • 1x REP 5 Sniper (bolt Action Rifle with Impact 3 but no range limit)
  • 1x REP 4 Scientist
The American Team:

  • Lieutenant  Mallory Mc Cain (REP: 5, PEP: 4, SAV: 3) – SKILL Born Leader, Fast

  • Sergeant Johnson (REP: 5, PEP: 3 , SAV: 4) – SKILL Fast
  • Scott (REP: 4, PEP:3 , SAV: 2) – SKILL Dim
  • Morgan (Commando) (REP: 5, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Slow
  • Paulson (Tanker) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Logical
  • Lorenz (German Deserter, Officer), Fast, REP 4, SMG
  • Max (German Deserter, Soldier), Dim, REP 6, Rifle
  • Paulette (Survivor) REP 4, Pistol

The unit has been provided with silencers, that decrease by 2 the zombie attraction.
All grunt in Mallory's group is geared with 2 Food items, 1 extra ammo and one random item
  • Lieutenant  Mallory Mc Cain - Gas can
  • Sergeant Johnson - Medical Kit
  • Scott - Ammo
  • Morgan - Luxe
  • Paulson - Medical Kit
  • Lorenz - Ammo
  • Max - Ammo
  • Paulette - Food

ER Rating: 5

Zombie Generated on 4-5-6
Encounter on Double.

3 PEFs had been generated, 2 have been in area 1, behind a house, 1 in the destroyed building in area 6.

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