Friday, February 7, 2014

ATZ-FFO : Campaign has a name and Incoming Scenario

America has voted.... ok, dead people have voted and they killed the jury and the participants.

Position 1: The Thousand Year Reich: Risen
Position 1 (A tie): Reich of the Living Dead
Position 2: Zomcalypse Now

Final decision:
The Reich of the Thousand Deads
The Reich of the Thousand Deads

Season 1 was: The Reich of the Thousand Deads: A New Misery
Season 2 is: The Reich of the Thousand Deads: The Living Strike Back

To celebrate the new name, the Episode 1 of the Season 2 had been played and will be on air soon.

"The Americans have left their base for a dangerous mission behind the enemy lines.

Their mission: Link up with a special British force, establish a safe zone and plan for the attack. With more than 14 hard trained soldiers, what could possibly go wrong?

A Quiet German village...



  1. I'm really looking forward to hearing about your new campaign. Previous games have always been enjoyable!

  2. Well, it was supposed to be a quick scenario to get started.
    I believe that ATZ is built to ensure nothing goes as planned