Sunday, September 15, 2013

ATZ-FFO : Scenario 8, rules update

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Before playing the 8th scenario "A plane to catch", here are the quick rules update and the random events.

Characters (* means that they need to test for "Harry are you ok" at the beginning)

who survived the 4 previous US scenario so far
Star : Lieutenant  Mallory Mc Cain (REP: 5, PEP: 4, SAV: 3) – SKILL Born Leader, Fast
*Sergeant Johnson (REP: 5, PEP: 3 , SAV: 4) – SKILL Fast
*Scott (REP: 4, PEP:3 , SAV: 2) – SKILL Dim - no ammo
1 scenario old
*Kyle (Paratrooper) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Runt
Morgan (Commando) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Slow
Paulson (Tanker) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Logical
*Kowalsky (Paratrooper) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Attractive

Germans deserters who joined in the previous scenario
Lorenz (Officer), Fast, REP 4, SMG
Max (Soldier), Dim, REP 5, Rifle
*Oliver (Soldier), Dim, REP 5, Rifle

Infected soldiers:
For any soldier who failed the Harry are you ok from the Outpost scenario:
Roll 1 dice every turn. On 1, they die. Every turn, roll 1d6, on 1-2-3, they resurrect as a zombie.
To suicide, the character must roll a REPd6 and pass with 2 success. Only "1" is a success.

The aircraft
The aircraft is a C47 with a capacity of 28, excluding 2 pilots and 2 soldiers to protect the aircraft on the ground.
Pilot : REP 4, REP 5
Soldiers: REP 5, REP 4
The aircraft will land d6 turn after the signal. Johnson and Scott have the signal flare that will generate d6 zombies once used.
The aircraft will generate 2d6 sounds once he lands.

Possible encounters (replace the random event)

No More Zed will be generated for the encounter
Plane crash! For unknown reasons, the plane stalled and crashed. A new plane will arrive in d10 turns. But maybe there are survivors? (PEF generated there, roll a dice for each crew.
- 6: Survived
- 4-5: wounded
-1-2-3: dead
PEF generated
Larger than life Wolf appear and hunt the survivors. REP 4 Wolf with only melee attack (6 dice to roll)
Fleeing civilian. A group of 1d6 civilians are fleeing a group of 4x their numbers of zombies. Roll the civilian using the survivor table below.
Shelling! The Germans are shelling the area with gaz. Pick a zone and roll a 4d6" scatter dice from the center. A cloud of V-Gaz 6" wide is generated. Every turn, roll a dice:
1: The gaz disappear
2-3-4: Gaz cloud does not move
5: the cloud move 1d3" using scatter dice
6: the cloud move 1d6" using scatter dice
Every single person touched by the cloud must roll a "Harry, are you ok?" immediatly. In case of success, the character changed as a zombie in 1d3 turn. To suicide, the character must roll a
REPd6 and pass with 2 success. Only "1" is a success.
A StugIII with 2 SWD troopers on top arrive.
PEF is generated
The plane has 1 more soldier for protection
All zombies generated are doubled (event may happen several times)
PEF generated
A zombie was hiding and disguised as a tree. A random soldier is attack in the back.
PEF generated
Cloudy night. The moon is covered and visibility is reduced by 1". (event may happen several times)
Mist, in full motion in 2 turns. Reduce visibility to 6”. If Mist already happened, PEF is generated.
Rain, reduce visibility to 12” and arrives in 1d6 turns. If Rain already happened the rain stops.
For event 14, I was thinking of the following:


  1. The events look good. I'll be interested to see how the suicide rule works. Do you decide when the figure tests for it?

    1. the suicide test is performed when tge soldier turn. He has a chance to kill himself. I ruled too that the teammate of the newly turned zombie would have to pass a zed/no zed test when it attack them to reflect the momentum when you shoot a former friend.