Friday, March 8, 2013

February ATZ=FFO miniature painted

Few models have been in February. Vacations and busy job delayed me

Some are planned to be played later, including retired soldiers from a monastery taking arms against the evil and the zombies, 3 civilians (artizan design and 1 Mongoose Judge Dredd ganger who look very good as a crazy survivor - picture missing for that one) and 3 modern/futuristic armed civilian (Urban Mammoth).

The Abbey soldiers. The Abbot (forward)
civilians on the right. Unfortunatelly their photos is a big miss
the full group of the Abbey
3 modern civilians
I have finished the polishing some of the 2nd wave scenario. Next one, the French Resistance and Jean Courage are back.


  1. Nice bunch of figures. Shame about not getting to see the civilians in their full glory. I may appropriate your idea of posting what I have finished monthly. Now to actually finish some models.

  2. I agree. The civilians deserve a nice photo. I realized that the picture was too blur to be used after I put them in their box. Don't worry, it will be done.

    For the monthly photo, you are correct, this is self-motivation.
    I went through your blog and I loved the campaign. I'm gonna follow-it now