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FFO : Meet Jean Courage

With Final Fade Out, there is a great free add-on, Day One (here)

I will fill in the information for Jean Courage, trying to be as much 40's and close to what I see for that character.

Age :

Marital status 
Single, engaged


Where are the loved one?
Father disappeared, Mother in Paris, Fiancee at her parents home

What does he do for a living ?
Working in a farm with his uncle. His cousin has disappeared too

Has he served in the military?
Drafted and some firefights during the outbreak of WW2. Served in a fortress unit

Ever fired a gun? 
Yes, machine gun, pistols and rifles

Where does he live?
Rural area, in a farm, but with a large military presence (id6 = 5) so count as urban.

Farm products with perishable and non-perishable items. As they were 3 until recently living in the house, it would count as 3 non-perishable items of food and 3 perishable items of food (out within 1 month). As long as the farm is not attacked, it will produce 6 food items per month (3 perishable and 3 non-perishable). Also, in the 40's, there are cellars to keep food without electricity and I assume the farm has one. Water is coming from the well as long as it is not contaminated.
I assume also the farm will have wine for 6 month (this is France!), count as 12 luxury items, but will decrease by 1 every month due to consumption (this is still France....).
Medicine will be in limited quantity and only from plants. No penicillin.

Many improvised close combat weapons at the farm, none of the character at the beginning of the campaign. Partially because this is forbidden and he could be shot. No fancy sword or other things.
Firearms (shotgun equivalent), one hidden in the garden of the farm (unknown to Jean) that can be dig up if his uncle feels it appropriate (REP test every in-between scenario). If the uncle dies before he talks about it, the firearm will not be available.
Ammunition for the shotgun can be handmade, but any other weapon such as pistols and military grade will have to be taken on bodies or stolen.

No vehicle available.
Gaz will be an issue as there won't be any gaz station outside of military camps. There are gaz-powered cars driven by very few civilians too.
Bicycle and horses are more common.

First Things first:
Jean Courage is planning to retrieve a pistol from a cache and get back to the village where he is planning to meet the other members of the resistance and do whatever they can to attack the Germans.
This would be :
- house in the wood (Scenario 1)
- if all goes well, back to the village (Scenario 2)
- waiting for decision (Scenario 3)
and then, let's see what happens. Note that the scenario 2 and 3 may not happen at all, depending on what happens on scenario 1.

Jean Courage in terms of game mechanics:
REP : 4 (Working out in the field, fought and start fighting again)
PEP : 3 (Jean is good with people thanks to his working experiences)
SAV : 2 (Jean is an idealist and sometimes don't have common sense)

(Random) : 11  -Runt. Count a -1d6 when taking the Charge into Melee test
(Selected) : 3 - Born Leader. +1d6 when taking the Keeping it Together Test if he is the leader. I assume that the zombie apocalypse will reveal the true self of Jean and that he will give up his innocence completely.

Civilian and Survivors:
As Jean just joined the resistance, he won't be considered as a Survivor, but as a Civilian. It will take him, the full understanding that there is no coming back to the old world he knew to ramp him up to Survivor (20 days)
For encounters, as some have fought the Germans for long time already, they will be treated as Survivors. So long time resistant will be automatically survivors.

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