Monday, October 15, 2012

October Modelling update

Recently, I have dragged into real life and work/family matters, with little time to paint, model and other gaming activities. I was traveling oversea about every week, and got some of my paint removed from the checked-in bag by security when traveling to the USA... Very bad period.

Finally, after the storm,it started to get better again and I can now move again some hobby projects. First of them are terrain for the next Berlin or Bust game, 3 houses for an Eastern Europe village.
You'll see also the recent investment into a jagdpanther, bought for about US$7 in a small shop. The tank is 1/72, die cast and rubber track. It can have watch batteries and played as a toy.

The next item is the bunker, Italeri made. It is named AT/AA bunker, easy to do. I can remove the top and store it without much space used. Obviously, it needs to be painted, more on that soon. The bunker was bought for about US$10 during a sale in a model shop in Mong Kok (Hong Kong).

Coming soon will be 3 of the Airfix houses, under painting. No picture yet. I have spent some time to cut card board to have additional floors and the ground, next to print some of the Dave Graffam.
I have also completed my armors and vehicles of the Germans, glued the schurtzen to the tanks. The hardest part is to glue the tracks of the Sdkfz 251. I think I won't buy anymore models with legacy tracks kits. I am definitely not good enough at doing it, and it is driving me crazy more than anything else. the infantry has also be primed with "Sand" color from Games Workshop. I am planning to complete then within 2 weeks and paint them in industrial mode.

On the 28mm side, I plan to commission Dragon Paint ( and get my resistance and characters for the ATZ campaign painted. Yes, I know, this is cheating, but after working like a slave, I got some hard earned money and the price will be well within my hobby money. I have been good boy for 3 months and haven't spent anything beside the US$7 Jagdpanther.

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