Sunday, October 21, 2012

House building (Airfix)

I have done some update on the Airfix buildings, and work on adding extra floors to the brewery and the church.

Here is some pictures. Painting is on its way and I have to find some 30's wallpaint to decorate.

Brewery, outside primed
Brewery, long wall
Brewery, inside. As you can see, barren walls and no floors
Floors for the brewery, using cutboard
Floors with their design. I used Dave Graffam Low Ruined set floor template
The church
The church. Inside with its cardboard floor
The house. German design
The house with its card board floor
The floors printed. They all come from the same Dave Graffam Low Ruined set.
The church and its barren floor. All the valuable were removed during the Soviet occupation of 1939-1941
The house and its floor
The brewery and its ground floor
Outside view of the brewery with its ground floor

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