Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Run n' Steel rules

I finally compiled the rules for the game and tried them recently. They come nicely and can be played at multilevel games with a maximum of 3 levels to avoid confusion.

I have also completed the 4 Codex, 1 for Kaizer, 1 for the Entente, 1 for the Cult, 1 for the Brotherhood.

  • Kaizer is a conscript army based, with a massive number of soldier of low quality supported by few elite and veteran. Their key advantage is to access to a good number of events and special order "Fanatic". They have
  • Entente field a smaller number of units compared to Kaizer but has access to more reroll and equipments and the "Battle Cry" and "Sacrifice Order. They have a high number of officer to buy orders and carry them.
  • The Brotherhood has the lowest number of units, but with all of them very tough and very deadly. They are generally slower. Their main weakness is to field useless units (the scribes) that bring points to their opponent and they need to protect. 
  • Finally the Cult has a very small and specialized elite force and a large low quality army. They have no "Order" card, but instead use "Gift" card which enhanced elite unit to a better level than any other opponents.

Run n' Steel
Number of Players: 2-6
Playing Time : 120-180 minutes (More players, longer the game)
Number of mini : 6-12 average

The game mechanics are the following:
Each player select a force that include main force and cards (armor cards, equipment cards, order cards, gift cards, event cards and psy cards). Each player draw a mission card (there can be maximum 1 Defender, and minimum 0 Defender)
Each force remains hidden from each others, all players cards are distributed among the main force and a deck (event, order cards and unused equipments, armor and psy cards). Each main force unit get assigned a Blip and a Reinforcement blip when possible.
Player design the game board with rooms, corridor, caves, doors, bulkheads, ladder, ... They also set objective points.
Each force deploys on its deployment board and select reinforcement entry points.

After the game start, blip are swapped with units and reinforcement blips arrived on the board. At the end of the game, each player sum-up all his victory points and the winner is designed.

Attacker Mission:
  • Hunting Party : The Attacker mission is to kill all enemy officers
  • Taking Ground : The Attacker has to control as many Neutral and Defender Objectives as possible within 20 turns.
  • Kill 'em all : The Attacker has to kill as many enemy as possible.
  • Move, move : The Attacker has to control as many objectives as possible with 20 turns with minimum loss
  • Taking Ground  left : The Attacker has to control all Left Flank Objectives within 20 turns.
  • Taking Ground  right : The Attacker has to control all Right Flank Objectives within 20 turns.
  • Taking Ground  center: The Attacker has to control all Central Objectives within 20 turns.
  • Sacrifice : The commanding officer must survive
  • Sabotage : Destroy Enemy Objectives
  • Blitz : Attacker has to cross the board and exit using enemy reinforcement entry points

Defender Mission:
  • Take n' hold : The Defender must take Neutral Objectives and hold them for 10 turns
  • Hold it! : The Defender must keep its Objectives untouched
  • No way! : The Defender must prevent enemy units to reach its deployment zone.
  • Sacrifice : The commanding officer must survive
  • Let them come : The Defender has to kill as many enemy as possible.
  • It's a Trap! : The Defender has trapped the Attacker and can deploy all its reinforcement at turn 2 on any flank, ignoring official reinforcement entry points.
  • Sabotage : Destroy Enemy Objectives
  • Escape : Your force must withdraw using enemy reinforcement entry points.

Now, looking for a file storage server somewhere....

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