Monday, June 4, 2012

1:72 Update

So finally, with my buddy, we went to the store and made some crazy shopping.

Some boxes are missing (1 russian infantry, Antitank specialists and 2 45mm guns), but in total this is a huge amount of stuff for HK$ 1500+, less than US$210!

In total, we got fr German and Russian combined :
286 infantry
8 vehicles
7 tanks
3 guns

For the german, just in infantry, I have:
26x K98
30x MP40
18x MG42 (HMG/LMG)
8x Officer
2 MP40 with Explosive
11 Snipers
2 Radio
9 Panzershreck
8 Mortars
2 Flamethrowers
18x Stg 44
6x Panzerfaust

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