Friday, May 4, 2012

New acquisition

Finally, bag to blog.

These have been terrible weeks, with heavier than expected traveling and workload. In addition to readying the appartment for the new baby to come (May 15th if all goes as predicted).

Nevertheless, the miniature front did not stall as much as it could have been. I have a lot to varnish, and no painting had been done, BUT... new stuff came in.
To be honest, I was expecting a lot more, but Maelstrom Games had a recent issue with stock management and stuff I bought was not available, so split order, delays...

So, I recently got the following lot, Drakkarim from Mantics, Zombies from Mantic, Corporation Major General and Artizan miniatures to play my SOTR-ATZ variant, as I needed more unique soldier to represent the heroes, rather than neat lookalike team.
I also received, not in the photo, some sand and grass. These were smuggled the previous night and it pass through all anti-miniature-smuggling security without a problem.

Mantic Zombies
 I unsprued the zombies and found out that there is not much variation. Just by looking at the number of torsoes, heads and legs, there is about : 4 legs, 3 torsoes and 6 heads, or about 72 different variation. but assuming that the head is not noticeable from a reasonable distance, that's about 12 variations. Still ok for what I am planning with it (mission in village where the population has been killed by V-Gaz).

Hopefully, I will do some Mantic ForgeFather this week-end!

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