Monday, May 28, 2012

Moving to 1:72?

Blog, dear Blog.

I neglected you recently, but real life caught me by surprise. I've been over busy with job, then happiness with my new baby girl and then work again.

I did little on the miniature front. The most noticeable thing that happened to me was that after a dinner with a customer, I wandered around a model shop and came across major discount for plastic 1:72.
For about $230, I can have 2-4 armies (~240 soldiers total), enough tanks and vehicules (18!) and ruins/houses/bunker. that's good price and a real bargain.
But that means also that my recent investment in 28mm has to be slowed down and maybe that I take benefit from GW price increase to cash out some old miniatures acquired eons ago that today could be sold to a good price.

At the same time, the new baby "mess-at-home" period is now over and serious painting/gaming can be worked on, as long as job permit it!

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